Review: Sugar and Spice

Recap: The L.A. Candy series comes to an end with the abrupt, predictable third novel, Sugar and Spice. The four girls who appear on the hit show, L.A. Candy, all have moments of realization about how un-real their “reality” show is.

Jane must decide between the two men who present themselves at the end of the second novel, Sweet Little Lies. Her best friend, Scarlett, attempts to have her first real relationship with a guy who refuses to appear on the show. Madison must deal with her secret past, when her (spoiler!) sister shows up in LA. And Gaby struggles with what she wants to do and what her new publicist is pushing her to do.

The themes of friendship and relationships continue in this book, as the girls confront each other, the show’s producer, and the paparazzi.

Analysis: In the final book of the semi-autobiographical series from Lauren Conrad, of Laguna Beach and The Hills fame, the lies and coverups become too much. The girls finally realize that being on a reality show, controlled by a hypnotizing, but deceitful producer, was never what they wanted. In the end, the girls learn what they want, who they are, and take steps toward refocusing their energy and time on what’s right for them.

Sugar and Spice does what the rest of the L.A. Candy series does — gives us a fluffy, light story that still manages to intrigue us. There’s a twist in Jane’s story that irritated me, but I ultimately decided it made sense in order to show her character’s growth. And though the writing is poor and the plots predictable, we have to wonder, is this what things were really like for Lauren Conrad when she was on The Hills? And it’s for that reason that we keep reading.

Not only is the ending inevitable, it also feels rushed. Scarlett’s storyline in particular was wrapped up quite quickly, and I found myself almost forgetting about Gaby altogether. This novel was also the shortest of the 3-book series. There’s no question that Conrad could have done a better job explaining how things ended. Instead, the last 2 or 3 chapters read like an epilogue.

MVP: Jane Roberts. The girl finally got a clue! After three books of reading about her and her horrible life choices, it’s nice to see the girl grow up and not be so naive.

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