LC’s Got Another Series Up Her Sleeve

The L.A. Candy series may have ended, but Lauren Conrad’s literary work won’t stop there.

The bestselling author and Laguna Beach and The Hills star is set to publish another 3-book series, called The Fame Game. According to this article from the Los Angeles Times, the series will be an L.A. Candy spinoff with fame whore Madison Parker as the main character.

At the end of Sugar and Spice, the final book in the L.A. Candy series, (spoiler!) we learn that Madison comes to terms with her secret past and moves forward, by doing charity work among other things. With the fairytale ending Conrad wrote for her, I have to wonder where she’s going to take the character in this other series.

Though I must admit: if any of the other supporting characters were going to get a spinoff series, it would be Madison. Though hated, she was still fun to read about.

I’m sure The Fame Game will be just as poorly written and one-dimensional as L.A. Candy is. But with Conrad’s name to it and more of that semi-autobiographical glimpse into her reality TV life, it’s sure to be another bestseller and — nothing for nothing — a good beach read.


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