Positive Reviews for Pottermore!

If you’re still waiting for the email saying you’ve been chosen to enter the wonderful wizarding world of Pottermore, then you’re wasting your time.

It seems the Sorting Hat has already picked the special few who get an early look at the Harry Potter-infused web site. And so far it’s getting good reviews.

Writers from Huffington Post and Entertainment Weekly got first looks (I’m not sure if that was purely by chance or because they’re writers for Huffington Post and Entertainment Weekly), and it seems they had few bad things to say about it.

The cons: moments of slow connectivity, glitches in hidden content, trouble stirring potions, not much to do upon first entering the site.

The pros: character backgrounds, location histories, excluded plot lines, fun facts (like Hermoine’s last name was originally going to be Puckle), having a wand choose you (and match your personality traits), few ads, House points, House Cup, surprise video clips from J.K. Rowling herself, etc, etc, more fabulousness, etc.

It’s clear that the pros outweigh the cons here. But probably the most interesting thing I learned upon reading the reviews is that only Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone content is available at this point. I suppose content related to the other books will come in due time, but that’s kind of a downer. The good news is…October is just around the corner, and Pottermore will be free to all of us Muggles!

For more, here’s my take on the web site, the Huffington Post review, the Entertainment Weekly review, and more photos from Entertainment Weekly.

**Edit: It has come to my attention that all those who have signed up for Pottermore WILL gain full access to the site prior to October. The site is operating on a rolling admission. Please see comments below.

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7 responses to “Positive Reviews for Pottermore!

  1. What do you mean im wasting my time? they are still sending owls to beta testers right?

  2. I’m pretty sure the early viewers of the site have already been picked. If you can’t access it fully at this point, you have to wait until October.

  3. I got in on Monday, when they let in the first 5,000 or so of the beta users. They’ve been letting others in slowly — right now there’s just a little more than 24,000 people who have access to the site (once you’ve been “sorted” you see how many people there are in each House and how many total students there are). Since it’s still so glitchy, they’re probably restricting access until they fix some of the bugs.

    Aside the glitches you mention in your post, the only con I’d give this is that it goes by way too fast — I got through the whole story sequence in about three hours. The extra info Rowling gives is all fascinating (my favorite bits are McGonagall’s bio and and wand descriptions), but until book 2 comes out, after you finish the story all you can really do is brew potions and duel.

  4. Wow. Interesting. Yeah, like I said…I hadn’t realized that there’s only content from the first book on there so far. It’s too bad. Hopefully content from the other books will come soon!

  5. Saphira

    I’m an early beta tester but they are still letting people in. They haven’t let me in yet but they sent me an e-mail saying i can get in early. When they send the next e-mail. They are pausing senging out e-mails for a short time to fix glitches.

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