No One Wants To Publish Casey Anthony Book

In this day and age, whenever there’s a big news story, it means a book or made-for-TV movie will inevitably come from it. So it’s a safe bet that controversial, national trials fall into that category. Such is the case with Amanda Knox. But for Casey Anthony, don’t hold your breath.

According to this article by Entertainment Weekly, no one wants to publish anything that Casey Anthony writes. The public generally feels sympathetic toward Amanda Knox, and wants to know more about what happened to her overseas. But most believe Casey Anthony got off a little too easy. And with that kind of target on your back, no one cares to hear what you have to say.

The EW article also points out what happened with O.J. Simpson — who found himself in a situation similar to that of Casey Anthony back in the 1990’s — when he wrote a book.

If I Did It, the failed 2007 book — brought to the public by notorious editor Judith Regan — in which O.J. Simpson gave a supposedly “hypothetical” account of his role in the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson. The book ignited a huge public outcry pre-publication, prompting the 400,000-copy initial printing to be scrapped by HarperCollins. (Soon after, Regan was unceremoniously dumped by the publishing house.)

Moral of the story: if people don’t like you, don’t bother writing a book about yourself.



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9 responses to “No One Wants To Publish Casey Anthony Book

  1. JanCorey

    I see there is a movie in the works being made that will come out soon about Casey Anthony. Hopefully the movie points out just how inadequate the prosecution team actually was in the charges against Casey and how ineffective the prosecution team demonstrated to the whole country of their inadequate actions and why all the prosecutors involved in the case should be immediately disbarred and jailed for their crimes against the defendant. Casey only lied, the prosecution team did far worse.

    • The prosecution Team was right on the money.the defense lied and so did the Family.IEven think it was Jose Baez idea for Georgess. Suicide and Affar to throw the jury off of Casey. I wouldNot trust anyone affiliated with Casey or Baez any further than I could see them.Sorry Lazy greedy Jurors and Satan is on their side now wait untill Later.

  2. However, Jeff Toobin wrote a book about the OJ murder and trial entitled
    “The Run of HIs Life” which did quite well in sales. Obviously, people “want to know” but don’t want the criminal to benefit from the sales.

  3. JanCorey

    There are many who would publish a Casey Anthony book telling a story of a mother of a child that drown in the pool and was charged with a long list of crimes that the prosecution team lied and fabricated evidence and still not able to obtain any conviction on anything more serious than telling a few misdemeanor lies.

  4. Casey Anthony got off a little too easy? That’s putting it mildly.
    She got lucky and got away with Murder.
    I don’t know about any one else but I sure wouldn’t spend a Dime reading anything she has to say, we have heard enough Lies from her to last a Lifetime. She will never have anything worthwhile to say and what we haven’t heard before.
    She should never be able to make Money of her Daughter Caylee Marie, she is the One who is responsible for Caylee’s Death, doesn’t matter that the Jury found her Not Guilty, she definitely is not innocent of the Crime and she knows it. She should be considering herself lucky she is a free Woman now instead of sitting in Prison for the Rest of her Life.

  5. Lori James Nichols

    Who would believe what she had to say anyway. Casey Anthony would never tell the truth even knowing double jeopardy doesnt exist for her. I, myself, feel like she had her chance in court to tell the truth, to tell her side and she did not, just spun more lies. Those lies will eat away at her existence, some bella vita, right? A lying sociopath doesnt stop lying and we dont care to hear from her. Kudos to those publishers/writers who have shunned Casey Anthony.

  6. Every time I see a Picture of Casey Anthony and look at her Eyes, it gives me a Chill!
    The Saying “the Eyes are a Window to the Soul” is so true. Casey’s Soul must be pure evil according to that.
    I agree Kudos to the Publishers who want nothing to do with Casey Anthony!

  7. @Jancorey,Everything you said should be in Reversr. It was the Defense who. Lied .Everyone knows Caseys A killer and you must. Not have all the facts ,read the Book if you didn’t follow the ial.or are you casey in Disguise cause you don’t know what your talking about.

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