Listening to Your E-Reader

There are books. There are e-books. And there are audiobooks. But now, there are e-books with music.

Earlier this fall, a New York start-up called Booktrack began publishing e-books with music to enhance the e-book reading experience. According to this article by The New York Times, they decided to change the landscape of e-book reading by adding soundtracks to accompany them. Stories with a more “cinematic scope” were better-suited, and so far, those are the only ones that have gotten the musical treatment.

Though authors have experimented with musical books in the past — the article cites James Patterson, who has included CD’s to go along with his books — they haven’t been very successful. But Booktrack promises to give readers more control with the musical e-books, as Julie Bosman explains.

But Booktrack’s founders say that their product is an improvement on the old book soundtracks, partly because it plays at the pace of the individual reader and can be paused or adjusted with a touch of the screen.

Reading the Booktrack edition of “The Power of Six” on an iPad is much like reading the standard e-book edition, with the addition of a small indicator scrolling down the page, line by line. (The user sets the reading speed.)

The prices of e-books with music are a bit higher. After all, they have more to offer. Or do they? What do you guys think?


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2 responses to “Listening to Your E-Reader

  1. That certainly sounds interesting, although I could see it getting irritating. I’d like to give it a try though.

  2. Sandra Buto

    If I want to listen to music while I read, I’ll play the radio….

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