Rob Lowe to Pen Second Book

Rob Lowe is an actor, certified “hottie” and now a bestselling author. His memoir, Stories I Only Tell My Friends, debuted in 2011 and quickly became one of the year’s biggest bestsellers.

Now just a few months later, Lowe is setting out to write another book. This one, called Love Life, will focus on “sex, marriage, money, work, fatherhood and sports, drawing upon Mr. Lowe’s own experiences and observations,” according to this New York Times article.

Publishers hope that a second hit book will mark Lowe as a resonating storyteller, rather than some actor whose book was a one-off hit.

As far as I’m concerned, I’ll read anything that Rob Lowe writes about his sex life. What do you guys think? Hit or miss?
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One response to “Rob Lowe to Pen Second Book

  1. Rachel

    When is the date Rob Lowe’s book going to be released and when is he going to sign it? When Is the an exact date? Like #-#-13 what are the numbers? Please write back soon. Thank you!

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