James Franco Adds “Novelist” to Actor, Producer, Student Title

The 34-year-old stud is no longer just an actor, producer, Oscar host, and grad student. Now James Franco is entering “novelist” to the list.

Franco — who has studied creative writing at Columbia and English at Yale — has signed a published deal with Amazon Publishing.

According to this article by the L.A. Times, Franco’s first novel will be semi-autobiographical and titled Actors Anonymous. That might not be the best title as Carolyn Kellogg explains.

Franco has been nominated for one Oscar, two Emmys, three MTV Movie Awards, three SAG awards and a couple of Golden Globes. He’s won one Golden Globe and two Independent Spirit awards. He co-hosted the 2011 Academy Awards, which were watched by millions of people worldwide. Maybe he should consider taking the “anonymous” out of the title.

There are a few things I wonder here: a) is Franco really that smart and creative or does he just enjoy taking classes and acquiring as many degrees as possible? b) how is the novel going to sell under the new Amazon publishing company? and c) when he says it’s “loosely based on his life,” are we talking about Lauren Conrad a la L.A. Candy or are we talking about Jack Kerouac a la On the Road?

What do you guys think? How will it do? Will you read it?

**Note: Franco has already published a collection of short stories, titled Palo Alto, as seen in the photo above.


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One response to “James Franco Adds “Novelist” to Actor, Producer, Student Title

  1. Last I heard he was in almost four MFA programs at once, with the likes of NYU and Greensboro on the list. My hope is that he got in on his own artistic and literary merit – but you can never be sure. He’s done a lot of his own productions of plays, and one-man acts as well as screenplays. I think I’ll read his novel purely out of interest of him, rather than his writing. We’ll see.

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