NBC News To Publish Original eBooks

Finally, my two worlds of news and books collide. NBC News announced this week that it has launched a new unit, NBC Publishing. The company will publish e-books based on its own original programming, like NBC Nightly News, Today, and Dateline.

According to this article by Deadline, NBC will work with traditional trade publishers as they have in the past. It will also use products from every group under the NBCUniversal umbrella.  David Lieberman explains the reasoning behind the move.

“As the tablet and e-reader markets continue to expand exponentially, and as the definition of ‘what is a ‘book?’ evolves, we see opportunities to bring readers a unique and immersive content experience,” Gould says. “This business enables NBC to use video, audio, and current programming in creative new ways.”

So good move or bad? I think it’s pretty interesting, nonetheless, and would love to see the content they wind up producing. So would pretty much any reporter or news junkie, I imagine.

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