Get The Life and Death of Whitney Houston E-Book for $2.99, Free for Amazon Prime Users

Let’s be honest. We all love us some Whitney. With the shocking news of her death, people all over the world fell in the love with the superstar again and the songs for which she’s best remembered.

Houston died only two weeks ago, but former E! Entertainment Television host and bestselling author Michael Essany has already put released a book about the life and death of the Grammy Award-winning artist. The unauthorized book includes the reactions from Houston’s close family and friends — including Clive Davis, Mariah Carey, and Simon Cowell.

Houston’s longtime love Bobby Brown is also shopping a tell-all book, though there’s no telling whether or not it will actually happen. According to this article by Entertainment Weekly, Brown is not on good terms with Houston’s family, and they may not allow his book to move forward.

But Essany’s book already available in e-book version.

It’s just $2.99 for Kindle users, and FREE for Amazon Prime members.

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