Making The Hunger Games Your Bible…Literally

In case you haven’t heard or read enough about The Hunger Games in the last two weeks, here’s some out of the ordinary Hunger Games news for you. A Bible study group from North Carolina has been hosting Hunger Games-themed Bible study classes.

That’s right. According to this article by The Huffington Post, two reverends, Andy Langford and Ann Duncan, say they’ve found a number of parallels between The Hunger Games and the Bible, like selfless love and sacrifice. Since January, about 80 people have attended their sessions called “The Gospel According To The Hunger Games Trilogy.” The pastors say they felt this would be a good way to relate to teenagers in their churches, as Duncan explains.

“We’re not trying to make [the series] something that it’s not, but we’re trying to find themes that we as Christians can relate to,”Duncan said in a press release.

The study is available as an e-book on Amazon, as a means to reach people outside of their North Carolina community. So what do you think? Does The Hunger Games have religious undertones? Is this a good way to get people talking about religion?


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3 responses to “Making The Hunger Games Your Bible…Literally

  1. Yes, there are definitely some themes of love and self-sacrifice. I did love the first book in part because of Peeta’s selfless decisions and the difficult choices Katniss has to make.

    However, some of my biggest beef with the series stems from the fact that in the end, there’s not much left for the characters to live for. Where’s the faith in a God who has great plans for us? Where’s the hope for a life beyond this often-tragic earthly one?

    Of course, these very questions could be interesting to discuss in such a study on the books.

  2. Amritorupa Kanjilal

    I haven’t read Hunger Games, but I ‘ve heard a lot about the series, and they sound like they could raise a lot of moral and ethical questions. They would probably good discussion material for any group, church or otherwise.

    Oh, new post at
    Please come and see…

  3. Lord Vader

    You know, just judging by the tone of the film, I sensed there was a religious message. Now, I don’t have a problem with this, but what I do have a problem with is that studios have pitched the film as the latest, “Running Man” or the “Naked Prey.” Yes, I expected a lot more action and yes, a lot more carnage BUT without the preaching and soft-core action. Sooo, I’m guessing film studios are shifting towards satisfying the hordes with conservative family values (i.e. anti-sex league) in order to get more ticket sales? No thanks! I’m sticking to Taxi Driver and Scarface and I could still say my morals and ethics are above board.

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