Mad Men Reading List

Every once in a while, two of my favorite things combine and make me a very happy girl. In this case, it’s books and Mad Men. With the show’s 5th season set to premiere this Sunday (my God, FINALLY!), I thought it would only be appropriate to post a list of books referenced in the series — the Mad Men Reading List.

Compiled by the New York Public Library, the list includes each book that’s referenced in the show, in which episode, with links to the library’s site so you can get yourself a copy.

Though I don’t always read the books that my favorite TV shows or movies reference, I firmly believe that all literary references represent deeper meaning in much of what’s happening in the storyline of said show/movie. The literary references tend to draw crucial parallels and can be excellent foreshadowing techniques for a show or movie.

It was brilliant of the NYPL to put this list together, and I hope you find some goodies on the list like I have! Who knows? Pick up a copy of something and you just might feel inclined to wear a skinny tie and sip some scotch at work tomorrow.


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2 responses to “Mad Men Reading List

  1. I’m so excited for Mad Men! That was way too long of a wait.

  2. Amritorupa Kanjilal

    Some of these I’ve read, like Mark Twain’s books. some of the others sounded fascinating.

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