Jeremy Linsanity Books Published Too Late?

The overnight sensation that is — or rather, was — Jeremy Lin is undeniable, and when something or someone becomes such a hot topic so quickly, authors jump at the chance to write about it.

Since New York Knicks star Jeremy Lin created “Linsanity” nationwide, more than 80 titles about him have already hit bookstores and digital shelves. But according to Huffington Post, his knee injury could be as damaging to publishers as it is to him.

Now that he’s been benched, Linsanity isn’t quite as Linsane anymore. Fans have lost interest, and therefore, so have readers. It’s nearly impossible now to market the books, which just a few months ago could have been instant bestsellers, as Ron Dicker explains.

An estimated dozen more titles are scheduled for release before the end of the year, and none of the print entries so far has sold more than a few thousand copies, according to Jim Milliot, the editorial director of Publishers Weekly…The full-court press of Linsanity quickie books illustrates the gamble that publishers take in pouncing on trends. Trends peter out. Since the pixie dust appears to have stopped falling on Lin’s fairy tale, it’s hard to generate any kind of book buzz, Milliot explained.

While the books may become marketable again when Lin returns to the court, there’s no guarantee that he’ll even be playing with the Knicks or playing well. Will people still care? Or will the story change entirely into one not about an overnight sensation but a comeback kid? It’s interesting how much of an effect a star basketball player’s knee injury would affect publishers across the country. Kind of nutty, no?


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