Fifty Shades of Grey and Between Shades of Gray: Not the Same Thing

Fifty Shades of Grey  is not the only “grey” in town. But avid readers think it is and are consistently confusing it with the other one: Between Shades of Gray.

According to Entertainment Weekly, people are stopping in bookstore,s where there are readings for Between Shades of Gray confusing it for the sexy Grey. But what they’re learning is that they’re liking this other story — this completely unsexy story, as Stephen Lee explains.

Many of the E L James fans who wander into her readings — most of them men, she notes — stick around and end up learning something.

Between Shades of Gray is a young adult novel that tells the story of a girl struggling through the Baltic genocide. (See? CLEARLY not sexy.) However, the book is getting great praise on its own accord. And while the author, Ruta Sepetys, could find the confusion between the two hits frustrating, she appreciates it. After all, it’s bringing new readers to her book.

“The subject has come up at every high school and every bookstore I’ve been to,” Sepetys says with a laugh. However, she counts the title confusion as a positive.

Between Shades of Gray is resonating with people in a much different way than Fifty Shades, and despite its unsexiness, it definitely sounds as though it’s worth a read. Find out more about the novel from EW’s interview with Sepetys.

Or pick up a copy of Between Shades of Gray for $8.99 on your Kindle or in paperback.


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