Review: Fifty Shades Darker

****Spoilers are included in this post, with the assumption that you’ve read Fifty Shades of Grey and probably already have a good idea about what happens in the second book. Consider yourself warned.

Recap: The second book in the Fifty Shades of Grey series, Fifty Shades Darker delivers just that — a certain darkness not seen in the first book. Darker picks up right where the first book ends. The differences have become too great for Ana Steele and Christian Grey. But their break doesn’t last long, and once again, we’re caught up in the whirlwind romance — and mindblowing sex — that is their relationship. But Darker introduces new characters.

There’s Ana’s boss, Jack, yet another man who clearly has a thing for Ana. He gets creepier and creepier as the book goes on, proving that maybe Christian Grey has a point with his absurd overprotection. There’s also Elena — or as Ana refers to her, Mrs. Robinson. Elena is the woman who corrupted Grey when he was just a teenager, the woman who Christian refuses to acknowledge molested him. She also predictably becomes Ana’s mortal enemy and a persistent force to be reckoned with. There’s also Leila, a woman from Christian’s past who has some serious psychological issues.

And though these challenges make the progression of Ana and Christian’s relationship difficult, the two overcome many of their issues as best as they can, and look toward a permanent future together.

Analysis: Finally some depth! Fifty Shades of Grey gets the readers engrossed with oodles of sex. Darker doesn’t disappoint either, but the new characters add a new layer coldness and some action to an otherwise romantic novel. Jack makes inappropriate advances on Ana! Leila breaks into Ana’s apartment! Mrs. Robinson still wants Christian! Though the Leila storyline is particularly outlandish, it makes the story and the relationship between the two protagonists more serious.

As the book goes on, we also learn more about Christian’s childhood and why he is the way he is. Again, we’re getting deeper and darker, which both answers a lot of questions for readers and leaves us wondering more. In Darker, author E.L. James pulls us into the story with more than just sex.

That’s not to say there aren’t some truly ridiculous sequences of events — like the predictable and eye-roll-worthy marriage proposal or that Ana now wants to be treated more harshly during sex. The writing also continues to be poor. But again, if you’re looking to read a book for its literary wonder, this is the wrong book. If you like dirty, scandalous, and romantic, this is the book for you.

MVP: Elena. She’s one of the novel’s biggest villains, but she’s an interesting character and certainly keeps the reader guessing. With Ana so adamantly against her, and Christian so convinced that there are no lingering romantic feelings between the two, it’s hard to pick sides. And Elena’s insistence on becoming friends with Ana is equally as confusing to the reader as it is to Ana. There’s no greater moment of satisfaction than a particular party scene between Ana and Elena toward the end.

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30 responses to “Review: Fifty Shades Darker

  1. ashley

    This trilogy has completely consumed me. I’m so in love with the way this book is written, in such an amazingly sexy, yet tasteful manner due to its nature, suspensful attitude. E. L. James, drags out the “sex goddess” in every women whom is brave enough to attempt.

  2. Jayme

    I’m also intrigued by these books. I love the story and it’s hard to put down and stop reading. I’m always wondering what’s going to happen next. As for Christian, I don’t know if I like his ways of having sex especially the spanking on the butt. Interesting but not too many men that I know would do this and as for Ana, she is right for standing up to Christian as I know alot of women would just fall for him and never say a word to him. She’s definitley has the gutts to put him in his place. Way to go Ana.

  3. Beatriz

    I can’t put the books down, I read the 1st and 2nd book in 6 days. I am so cought up in this romance. I love how E.L has created the suspense, Grey surely is portrayed as the Dominant/heartless handsome man in the first book, but I love how he has become this vulnerable man, as Anastacia has proven to be one tough, loving, sexual goddess. I love their characters! I hope the third book doens’t dissapoint! Have you read it?

  4. Samantha

    Sorry! If it wasn’t for the sexy parts of the book, the rest is just garbage. I still can’t wrap my head around a character who would call her lover, “sir” and then take such abuse from a guy? Thank goodness, this book was lent to me and I never spent my hard earned money or used my library card. I did, however, waste a few hours trying to finish this book, hoping it would get better. Only the truly lonely and pathetic would love a book who glamorizes a man abusing a woman and find it ever so amusing.

    • kitkat

      ‘the truly lonely and pathetic’ har har.. everyone is reading it- which therefore says a lot about the country.

      • Amy

        I absolutely agree with you. I dislike almost all of the main characters, especially Ana and her incredible lack of self worth. I couldn’t stand her inner dialogue throughout anther book- I got thirty pages into Darker and then gave up. Not for me I guess.

    • Jan

      I did waste my money on Book 1 and now Book 2. Someone told me Book 2 was a lot better and just to hang with it. I really don’t feel it has any depth at all in the storyline to really keep me reading. I’m half way through this book and ready to just toss it. It really makes me sad that I go into Walmart and there’s about a hundred of these books on the shelf. Our courtry’s morals are down the drain. I’m with the other replies in this post.

      • Tawni

        I totally agree! My co-worker and I tried to read it because we wanted to fit in at our office (Lately, it’s ALL anyone has talked about)…. But it’s killing us. I swear… If i hear the words “panties” “holy cow/fuck/crap” or “inner goddess” again, I might punch someone… I only want to know what happens in any major plot points… Does anyone know of a Cliff’s Notes version?

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  6. i bought the book out of Curiousity, but I was really hooked. Anatsasia and Christina Grey both beguiled me. I love the way it was written, t’was not just about sex—i love how E.L. James created the character. Now, Im about to read the book 2 and Im soooooo excited to meet and know the new characters.

  7. Mya

    Christian Grey is just my type, it reminds me so much of a “relationship” I had with someone but it didn’t go so far as sex- complicated, secretive, un-understandable to anyone who wasn’t in it and suffice it to say, damaging. I read the book in 1 sitting and am now in the process of ordering the 2nd. My boyfriend calls it my pervert book haha.

  8. Honey

    It was a hardcore Harlequin Romance. The circling at the beginning, the capitulation in the middle, and the cliffhanger at the end. We want what is best for Ana and Christain which is a haapy ending.

  9. lor

    Although I find it garbage reading, I am giving you a link to download it for free at least those interested waste only their time not their money as well lol

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  11. Mrs. Grey

    I could do without all of the BDSM…other than that I thought the book was captivating. I love a great LOVE STORY and in the 1st book we read about a budding love that wants to flourish but the sun continues to be hidden by the “grey” clouds. I thought a comment above was funny about a boyfriend calling it a pervert book because the guys in our family call it the “porno book” or the “the devil book”..LOL..but they think its hilarious to pass the book around and do popcorn reading where they just open up the book to a random page and read a few paragraphs aloud to each other…pfft! MEN! Leave the Christian Grey reading to us women! =)

  12. Brittany

    I would just like today that Ana is irritating in the way of pushing an obviously damaged person to talk about his past. When Christian tells her how he got his scars, Ana should have left it at that but she has to keep pushing him to talk about it. I do understand however that you would want to know more but when someone has a damaged childhood like Christian they don’t want to talk about it all the time.

  13. ksaria1

    i love this book so much it is unbelievable, i feel that people have actually ruined the book for other people because they go on about the sex so much… i feel that the storyline is very captivating and i cannot help but fall in love with christian grey and wish that he was actually my boyfriend in real life.. this book is really amazing and i am so happy that i bought.. almost finished the second book and cannot wait to start on the third part of the book.

  14. C.F.

    Personally the books are interesting 🙂
    Truth be told, you have to do what works for you; and this is what worked for them. You have to have an open mind to read books such as these…

  15. Zam

    We aim to please pips….we aim to please…

  16. Mary

    I am also glad I didnt spend my money or time finishing the first book of the trilogy. The writing is so poor and characters so unbelievable. No smart woman would ever agree to such a relationship. These books are garbage and all the people who have fallen in love with them are crazy and obviously have never read anything of substance.

  17. Christelle

    sick book. Women we are worth more cause we all know that in real life men who do this kind of thing to women use them just for that.
    Sick, that this kind of book would be a best seller?really??is that how sad our world is?

  18. Polly

    I am so consumed in this book that I have lost my sleep. Hours spent just to finish reading it. I wonder how it will be like to materialise this Trilogy into a movie.

  19. Zamokuhle

    I cant wait for the movie can only imagine hw Mr Grey will look like…….*anxious*

  20. The first book was interesting and left me wanted for more, this love is irrational, a man who’s broken not normal or moral. He has he’s way of coping with his situations, he has a dark past, he never has trouble being loved and to love. He’s been lonely for so long, and so when Ana enters his life thoughts get heavy. Christian is fighting with the demons i do think he’s in his normal state of mind and might have a mental illness perhaps, he’s scared emotionally and physically for sure, judging by his coping mechanism – spanking , fucking hard. Although I don’t like sad endings and so I’m eager to finish the rest of the books in this series.

  21. Hi from South Africa! Agree…the writing is not good. There are mistakes and even plagiasm! The first book didn’t impress me at all. The second…mmmmm. Much nicer. There were more romance and love and…at least some action. I even cried when all thought Christian was dead. Nothing wrong with calling each Mr and Ms….Been there….dated a CEO… The characters according to me….way to young though. The romance is so strong…overwhelming. Perfect man. Perfect woman. Writer did her homework. Ana fits well into the description of Virgo…her birthday being 10 September. Fifty shades freed….I loved it. Read it!!!!

  22. ravengrey

    So there is a villain at this book.I haven’t read it well.But I think Jack and Elena are threatining

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