Review: Fifty Shades Freed

***Spoilers are included in this post, since I’ve previously reviewed both Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker.

Recap: What’s left to do when you’ve already shared a dominant-submissive relationship with someone and then fallen in love? Get married, of course! So begins the final book in the Fifty Shades trilogy, Fifty Shades Freed. Ana and Christian are on their honeymoon, traveling around the world on boats, planes, and by foot. The honeymoon is romantic and sexy, as one should be, but Ana questions whether or not she’s really ready to be married.

Upon their return home, Ana and Christian find there’s still a fair amount they don’t know about each other. Christian continues having trouble understanding what Ana sees in him. Ana still has trouble dealing with Christian’s overprotective behavior. But it’s clear they’re both making strides. Christian surprises Ana with a trip that includes all of their friends. Meanwhile, Ana is more willing to experiment in the bedroom with Christian.

But there’s more than just marital problems that Ana and Christian must deal with. Danger lurks around each corner, as Christian discovers Ana’s former boss, Jack, is keeping an eye on them. Christian keeps the news about Jack from Ana and instead tightens security for her and his family. But Ana has a secret of her own, and she fears it might be the one thing that will make Christian want to leave her for good.

Analysis: In typical E.L. James fashion, Freed is not the best written novel. The plot points are horrifically predictable, the verbiage ridiculous, and the characters annoying. That being said, she ends it the way the series should have been ended — with Ana and Christian getting their happily ever after and still having crazy sex.

What it comes down to is that this series was meant to be focused on the sex, and James fulfills that expectation. While the second book in the series expands the series beyond sex, the third brings the sex and uncertainty of the relationship back into the story, including an appearance from Christian’s former lover.

It was good that James tied up loose ends, but I almost found it hard to believe that Ana and Christian would still be so unsure of their relationship when it seemed they had gotten past all that in the previous book. Plus, there was one storyline that was never completely clarified — the relationship between Kate’s brother Ethan and Christian’s sister Mia remains unresolved.

MVP: Christian. He finally becomes somewhat likable in the third and final book of the series. While he continues to be overprotective, he also is more romantic and opens up about his past while preparing for the future.

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13 responses to “Review: Fifty Shades Freed

  1. trish

    So so boring. After the first sex scene, skipped the pages to see if something interesting would happen. Really wears thin after a hundred of the same, same, same. People who think this is good must have really boring lives.

    • seets

      i agree with trish! the book is overated

      • Niyati

        I agree!Horribly written book. Skipped over innumerable pages with sex scenes, too much of a good thing!!Both characters are simply revolting and I cant believe the world is calling these horny-teenager-authored stories novels!

  2. kawie tutanes

    this last book is utterly predictable.

  3. Bev

    I still do not understand why the author made Ana so ignorant and such a cry baby in the third book. She is beautiful, has a sweet disposition, and can be so witty, yet continues to make stupid comments and stupid conclusions that is an embarressment to her character and frankly rather annoying to the love story. She made such great strides in the second book (my favorite out of the 3) in regards to her character being so appealing. She is with a gorgeous ( yet disturbed) man and has to compete with the numerous sexual partners he has had and lots of women who wants him, and yet the author made her a scatterbrain and so dumb. Those are not qualities that would attract a sexy billionaire’s attention. The author claims that Ana is intelligent and strong in regards to her will but the scenes in the third book did not portray this. It was annoying to read every other page about Ana crying or holding back the tears. I know this is the author’s story, but she really needed to make Ana’s character more intelligent so she is appealing She does save Christian from a world of sadness and darkness in his personal life which he is ever so greatful for, but I am still baffled by Ana being portrayed as stupid.

  4. kayla bray

    well, i don’t get the end oft the third one when they talk about the new mommy and stuff????

  5. melody

    I honestly thought the book was flat out amazing. The entire time I was reading it I could barely put it down. I read the second book in a day! For about a week or two straight that’s all I thought about. Anastasia and Christian. About their relationship and what will happen next. Reading things in the book made me smile, laugh and even cry! I have never felt more connected to a book in my entire life. I thought I was living their life almost. I will never be able to find another book like this in my life. The love and the sex in the book had me begging to read more. I was intrigued. I was so drawn to the book everyday I came home from work. I never missed a day reading what I had left of the books. It’s a great read I encourage everyone to try reading it. I simply loved every word of the book and all it’s emotions in it.

    • Colleen

      I felt exactly as you did. I relished all three books. Ana is just so likeable, you want her to be happy. Christian is a sadist which is a major worry but I think Ana can handle him. Christian made such a big deal in the first book about Ana having to have a personal trainer, yet the author never followed through on that. Repetitive phrases were annoying but other than that, I loved the books.

  6. Miss T

    I loved the first two books. The third was a little out there. I loved the sex but was not impressed with the end. Llooking at the whole beginning again from Christians take was boring. I will read the last sex scene again and stop at the drop off where my heart fell and I wanted more.

  7. Suzy

    wow just finished book one and two in less than a week and am bout to venture into book 3 but I do agree the books were well written and would happily encourage more people to read, you just can’t stop reading.

  8. Great read! I could hardly put the books down. I read all three…back to back. Ana is a bit naïve, but Christian is deeper, more intense. E L James has created one of the most interesting characters in fiction I have read. On a sad note, I read the books while my husband is going through chemotherapy. I was given sweet dreams during a very difficult time.

  9. ravengrey

    Final book is boring

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