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Get ‘Anna Karenina’ with Movie Tie-In for $8.98, down from $12.95 or on Kindle for $7.99

It’s a Russian love story classic. So it’s only natural that it would be converted into a movie. The surprise here is that it’s taken moviemakers this long to finally getting around to putting Anna Karenina on the big screen. But alas, it has arrived, and now there’s talk of the movie winning Oscar gold. Combine Keira Knightley, a movie based on a book, and a period piece into one movie, and Oscar gold is inevitable.

Now’s your chance to read Leo Tolstoy’s book about 19th-century doomed love with a movie tie-in, to boot.

Get it now in paperback for only $8.98, down from $12.95.

Or get it on your Kindle for just $7.99.

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Downton Abbey Book Deals

It’s one of the most popular television series right now. But a lot of Downton Abbey‘s following started late. Now’s your chance to catch up — and with good deals to boot! Thanks to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there are a number of deals on Downton Abbey-related books.

This Downton Abbey Script Book is your best bet for catching up on Season 1 of the show. Included are all of the scripts from the first season, as well as commentary, color photos and never-before-seen material. It’s not available until December 26th — unfortunately the day after Christmas.

But now you can pre-order the book in paperback for just $13.59, down from $19.99.

If you want Downton Abbey goods now and don’t want to wait until December, you can also get The World of Downton Abbey in hardcover for $18.27, down from $29.99.

This book includes behind-the-scenes production research on the setting in which Downton Abbey takes place. It’s also available on your Kindle for $12.99.

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Movie vs. Book: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Contributed by Jamie Costa

As soon as the movie started I was very happy with how they made Bella (Kristen Stewart) look like the beautiful vampire that she was depicted to look like in the book. I was also very satisfied with the fact that the movie included Renesemee’s rapid growing rate along with her impressive beauty and form of communication with the touch of her hand to the opposing persons face.

For the most part, the movie stayed true to the book,  but I was disappointed with a few scenes. For instance, in the book, when Bella visiting J. Jenks, she first went to a desolate town due to multiple addresses that she found and met with J. Jenks’ personal assistant. The assistant then gave her hints as to what kind of business Jenks was involved in, which encouraged her to make passports for daughter, Renesmee, and Jacob (Taylor Lautner). Jacob then took Renesmee away to keep her safe. The movie simply showed Bella meeting J. Jenks for dinner to pick up the passports and birth certificates that Jasper already had him make for her. Even though in the book, Bella meets J. Jenks for dinner eventually, she gives the order herself and does not stay for dinner like she does in the movie. This was an insignificant part of the movie that one would not realize if they did not read the book, but nonetheless, it didn’t match up with the book.

It’s no comparison, however, to the most aggravating part of the movie: the ending. The inaccuracies begin when Aro touches Alice’s hand to read her mind. In the book, Alice returns from her journey with Jasper with proof that another half-mortal, half-immortal child like Renesmee exists — a child who has caused no harm in protecting the vampire law of keeping their existence a secret. But the entire fighting scene is wrong. Nothing even comparable to that happens in the book. Author Stephanie Meyer doesn’t write fighting into the book; she simply has Alice reveal Nahuel’s existence as an immortal-mortal child. In the book, that’s enough proof for Aro, who then calls off the violence. The movie, on the other hand, has a full-on battle scene. I understand this battle scene was included to provide more action to the film, but to someone who read and loves the books, such as myself, it could have been a very disappointing ending if it was left that way. Thankfully, after this vision of Alice’s that they show, they provide the real ending of the book to conclude the film.


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Get J.K. Rowling’s ‘The Casual Vacancy’ in Hardcover for $20, Down from $35

It’s a big bestseller that, in the two months since its release, has had its fair share of problems and glitches. Regardless, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has found success with The Casual Vacancy, her first non-children’s book.

The novel tells the story of a man who dies in a small English town, and his death raises questions about who he really was and who’s going to fill his spot on the town council? A black comedy, Rowling’s first adult novel may not be getting the best reviews, but it is getting people to talk….and read.

Now you can get The Casual Vacancy in hardcover for just $20, down from $35.

Or get it on your Kindle for $14.99.

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New ‘Bridget Jones’ Book On the Way

After two Bridget Jones novels and two movies, you might have thought Bridget’s story was over. But author Helen Fielding isn’t done writing it yet.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Fielding is working on a third installment to the bestselling Bridget Jones’s Diary series. To keep up with the times, Fielding says the chapters will start off with Bridget’s tweets, rather than her diary entries. A release date has not yet been set.

Speaking of third installments, a third Bridget Jones movie is also in the works, but the third book will not follow the storyline of the third movie. Apparently, there’s also talk about a Bridget Jones musical!

Sounds like a whole lot of Bridget to me! I never read the books, but I saw the first movie and didn’t enjoy it very much. What do you guys think? Are you excited for the new book? Will you read it?


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‘Kite Runner’ Author to Publish New Book

For the first time in six years, bestselling author Khaled Housseini is publishing a new book. According to Entertainment Weekly, Housseini, who wrote The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns, will release his next novel on May 21, 2013.

Like his previous novels, Housseini says the new book, entitled And the Mountains Roared, will be about families, as Stephan Lee explains.

[In a statement, Housseini wrote] “My earlier novels were, at heart, tales of fatherhood and motherhood. My new novel is a multigenerational-family story as well, this time revolving around brothers and sisters, and the ways in which they love, wound, betray, honor, and sacrifice for each other.”

After being silent for so long, I’m looking forward to another book from Housseini. I loved The Kite Runner, despite how dark it was. Will you be reading his new book?



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Review: How To Rule The World

Recap: When Wendy Sloane returns home from college to her small Pennsylvania town, she anticipates a quiet summer, catching up with her mother and grandpa and working at the small independent bookstore her family owns. It certainly starts out that way. But Wendy has a secret, one that no one, not even her mother knows. She wants to be a writer. This particular summer is the summer when Wendy starts to face her fears and works to accomplish her goals. She tells her mother about her plans to be a writer, while she works on her first book.

But she also uses the summer to play one big trick on her small town. Taking after her grandpa, the town trickster himself, Wendy paints a horrific display on the outside of her family’s bookstore. She’s on a mission to prove how easily people’s opinions can be swayed and how important it is to think for yourself. Her scheme sends the townspeople in a dither, all thanks to the power of persuasion — something that Wendy realizes is strong enough to rule the world.

Analysis: Jade Heasley writes this coming-of-age story with wit and charm. A light and easy read, I came to enjoy Wendy’s spunky, motivated attitude. She’s a tough girl, and it’s that spirit that helps her pull off the big stunt without turning people against her.

How to Rule the World is a fun book that kept me interested and didn’t force me to think too much. It did have a few flaws however. Parts of the book seemed preachy; as much as I liked Wendy, she was also a bit of a goody-goody, turning down dates with the town “bad boy,” instead of exploring her crush, as I imagine most 19-year-old girls would. Not to mention, she speaks very philosophically for a teenager. I understood that she’s a writer, and with that, comes more analytical thinking than the average person, but it still seemed a bit unlikely for someone her age.

There were also portions of the book that seemed irrelevant or forced, particularly the sections about her father. Since Wendy lives with her mother and grandpa, the author does have to explain where her father is. We get a few glimpses into the bad relationship he had with Wendy’s mom, their divorce, and one angry phone dialogue between Wendy and her dad, but it felt forced, as though the reader is meant to hate the father very quickly without very much reason.

That being said, it’s still a story with a good message to enjoy growing up and never give up on your dreams.

MVP: Wendy. Wise for her age and determined, she’s the girl young girls want to be, young boys want to date, and mothers want to have as their own daughter.

Get How to Rule the World in paperback for $12.99.

Or get it on your Kindle for just $7.99.

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Bookstores After Sandy

After Hurricane Sandy tore through the Northeast just a few weeks ago, thousands of homes and businesses were wrecked. Not to be forgotten were a number of bookstores in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Here’s a list from The L.A. Times of bookstores that were damaged or affected with power outages. This list is now a week old, so here’s to hoping that most have at least gotten power back and have begun the rebuilding process.

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Random House in Talks to Merge with Penguin

A publishing monopoly could soon be headed this way. According to New York Daily News, two of the world’s largest publishers, Random House and Penguin, are discussing a possible merger.

Publishing 10,000 book a year, Random House is clearly the larger of the two publishing houses. Penguin only publishes about 4,000 books a year. Experts say this would fill Penguin’s parent company’s need to grow and expand. However, there’s also a possibility that if acquired, Penguin would be sold off by Random House’s parent company.

Nothing is official yet, but the talks have writers concerned about the future of the industry. After all, Amazon and and Apple have become big book monopolies in their own right, pushing the industry in a digital direction. Who knows what adding another large company to the mix could mean for publishers and writers?

Spokespeople from both companies say nothing is official yet, and just because they’re talking doesn’t necessarily mean anything will come of it.

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Fans Praise ‘Pride and Prejudice’ Web Series

Almost 200 years after it was published, Pride and Prejudice is having a moment…online, that is.

According to The Daily Dot, a modernized version of the classic tale is now a web series, called the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, or LBD. It takes the form of a vlog hosted by the main character, Lizzie Bennet. The beauty of the series is that producers and writers can go in depth with the story, better describing the characters and using each episode to act out each chapter of the novel. Co-producer Hank Green got the idea for the series from his wife, who’s a big Jane Austen fan, and the now the series is taking off as Aja Romano explains.

Green promoted the show to his legions of fans, known as Nerdfighters. Thousands of them faithfully flocked to the LBD despite not having read the novel or knowing anything about the plot. This phenomenon led to an ongoing wonder in the comments of each YouTube video, as fans who know the story by heart interacted with fans who begged other fans not to spoil them for what happened next.

The big news this week is that after 59 web episodes — 59! — Darcy was finally introduced. Fans of the series took to Tumblr and Twitter to freak out about the episode. Here’s a clip of the 60th episode of the show:

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