Movie vs. Book: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Contributed by Jamie Costa

As soon as the movie started I was very happy with how they made Bella (Kristen Stewart) look like the beautiful vampire that she was depicted to look like in the book. I was also very satisfied with the fact that the movie included Renesemee’s rapid growing rate along with her impressive beauty and form of communication with the touch of her hand to the opposing persons face.

For the most part, the movie stayed true to the book,  but I was disappointed with a few scenes. For instance, in the book, when Bella visiting J. Jenks, she first went to a desolate town due to multiple addresses that she found and met with J. Jenks’ personal assistant. The assistant then gave her hints as to what kind of business Jenks was involved in, which encouraged her to make passports for daughter, Renesmee, and Jacob (Taylor Lautner). Jacob then took Renesmee away to keep her safe. The movie simply showed Bella meeting J. Jenks for dinner to pick up the passports and birth certificates that Jasper already had him make for her. Even though in the book, Bella meets J. Jenks for dinner eventually, she gives the order herself and does not stay for dinner like she does in the movie. This was an insignificant part of the movie that one would not realize if they did not read the book, but nonetheless, it didn’t match up with the book.

It’s no comparison, however, to the most aggravating part of the movie: the ending. The inaccuracies begin when Aro touches Alice’s hand to read her mind. In the book, Alice returns from her journey with Jasper with proof that another half-mortal, half-immortal child like Renesmee exists — a child who has caused no harm in protecting the vampire law of keeping their existence a secret. But the entire fighting scene is wrong. Nothing even comparable to that happens in the book. Author Stephanie Meyer doesn’t write fighting into the book; she simply has Alice reveal Nahuel’s existence as an immortal-mortal child. In the book, that’s enough proof for Aro, who then calls off the violence. The movie, on the other hand, has a full-on battle scene. I understand this battle scene was included to provide more action to the film, but to someone who read and loves the books, such as myself, it could have been a very disappointing ending if it was left that way. Thankfully, after this vision of Alice’s that they show, they provide the real ending of the book to conclude the film.


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3 responses to “Movie vs. Book: Breaking Dawn Part 2

  1. That’s been a big problem with all the Twilight Saga movies – significant (and in my mind, unnecessary) departure from the books. The directors of all so far have apparently felt that physical conflict is the only form with cinematic merit, have changed major plot events at will, deleted characters and events that were in the books, added characters and events that weren’t, etc. And with such excellent CGI available, the completely fake-looking visual effects are almost offensive. I have a love-hate relationship with the books (I can clearly see the abundant literary flaws and what horrible role models Bella, Edward and even Jacob are for adolescents to pattern their behavior after, but still find the story and its characters strangely compelling), but it’s much less complicated with the movies. I thought the first two were just plain dreadful films from almost every angle. Yet I persevered and saw the third and fourth installments. Fortunately, they improved over the first two, but I don’t see any of them going down in the annals of film as great classics. Then again, the books aren’t exactly great literature either. And I have no doubt I’ll be taking myself off to the theater to watch the 5th movie also. I’ve come this far; hate to leave a thing unfinished!

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  3. josh

    LMAO I’m sorry but i just watched the movie and i don’t have the slightest idea how you could state “For the most part, the movie stayed true to the book, ” it’s so far off from the book i was laughing half the moveing and biteing my tounge for the rest. my wife is going to reread book since she didnt notice all the shit i did that was wrong. whole charlie meeting bella wrong. arm wrestleing wrong shit they didnt even have res. laugh. first “hunting trip” all wrong. i’m trying to find parts they did keep right. hmm hurt seth. yeah they did that but they added more hurting jacob and him haveing to tell her he imprinted. they changed so much it sucked in my eyes. i’ll take a dump onthe movie while i’m reading the book cause it sucked so bad

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