New David McCullough Book On the Way

Just because history happened in the past doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make a point to remember it, right? Well if you’re an aviation enthusiast and/or a history buff, you’re in luck.

According to The New York Times, acclaimed historian and bestselling author David McCullough is planning to write a new book about the “social and cultural implications of early aviation beginning with the Wright Brothers and ending with Lindbergh’s Paris landing, according to his longtime researcher, Michael Hill.” The book isn’t expected to be published for another three years or so.

In the past, McCullough has written biographies about former presidents Harry Truman and John Adams and was recently featured on 60 Minutes, where he discussed the research behind his work and some specific historical events.

Since I saw the 60 Minutes piece on him, I’ve been dying to read all of his books — even though I’m not the biggest history fan. But a whole book on aviation seems like a stretch to me. Thoughts?

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