New Details on New Book from ’50 Shades’ Author

Oh, Fifty Shades of Grey. Your sexy plot sold more books, encouraged more sex, and brought in more money than any other erotic book series in history. But now, its author E L James says she has some “other” stories to tell — and unfortunately, they won’t be nearly as sexy.

According to Huffington Post, James is working on a few other projects right now, including a book outside the scope of the Fifty Shades trilogy. She told the New York Post it will be less raunchy and that she’ll likely write it under a different name. That’s not to say that there will never be a return to the Fifty Shades story and its characters, but James says it certainly won’t be in the immediate future. She’s told other media outlets, however, that these stories will still have to do with love.

Here’s my issue: as many of us know, E L James is not known for her prose. She’s known for her content, not quality of writing. If she publishes this new book under a different name and doesn’t use the “author of Fifty Shades of Grey” title to help her sell copies, I have to wonder how well the book will do — unless of course, she surprises us with a vast improvement with her literary skills.

I’d love to ask my readers here if they’d read E L James’ new book, but by publishing under a different name, will we even know the book was written by her?


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2 responses to “New Details on New Book from ’50 Shades’ Author

  1. I haven’t read her book being so busy writing my own, however, I think it would be a HUGE MISTAKE for her to write using a different name. She made a name for herself – she will make many more book sales from her previous readers. I hope she sees this comment!

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