Jane Goodall Book Postponed Amid Plagiarism Accusations

With all the good world-renowned primatologist Jane Goodall has done, she is now experiencing some mishaps. The scientist, best known for her work and research with chimpanzees, is now accused of plagiarism in her new book, forcing her publisher Grand Central to delay its release.

According to The L.A. Times, the book, Seeds of Hope, is a tree and plant focused book, meant to share Goodall’s love of plants, even though she’s never studied them as a scientist. It’s apparently in the sections about plants that certain passages appear to have been “borrowed.” Allegedly, at least 12 passages in the book are borrowed from places like Wikipedia, a web site called Choice Organic Teas, and several other web sites.

In a statement, Goodall wrote:

My goal is to ensure that when this book is released it is not only up to the highest of standards, but also that the focus be on the crucial messages it conveys. It is my hope that then the meaningful conversation can resume about the harm we are inflicting on our natural environment and how we can all act together to ensure our children and grandchildren inherit a healthy planet.

Does anyone else think this tarnishes Jane Goodall’s work? Or has she already made such a name for herself that it doesn’t affect her career at this point?

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One response to “Jane Goodall Book Postponed Amid Plagiarism Accusations

  1. I don’t think this will even be a blip on her career, at least not right now. I’m not sure what kind of exposure these allegations are getting (because I’m trapped in election land at the current moment), but I admit I’m a novice when it comes to the literary world.

    I think with Ms. Goodall’s enormous reputation and all of the work that she’s undoubtedly done, that most people will laugh off the allegations, as simply not believable, if they even hear about them.

    I could be wrong, but we, unfortunately (or possibly fortunately, in this case) live in a society with a two-second attention span and in which most people prefer reality television to any kind of education faire. As of late, our attention spans predict that those that know of Ms. Goodall will not think less of her and probably won’t even remember the allegations in 6 months or a year.

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