Netflix-Like Subscription Plan Available for E-Books

Imagine if there were a subscription program like Netflix, but for e-books. Well, luckily there is.

According to The New York Times, publisher HarperCollins has recently struck a deal with the web site, Scribd, which is already used for sharing documents and books. Consumers can pay a flat fee each month to the site to access a large number of e-books.

The site,, already has a similar program, offering access to more than 100,000 e-books for $9.95 a month, but it hasn’t gained much popularity.

The owners of Scribd hope the site will have more success, but so far, HarperCollins is the only major publisher that signed up. Smaller publishers like Rosetta Books, Workman and Sourcebooks have also signed up.

So readers still have more options for books when they go to Amazon or Barnes and Noble’s web site. However, a Netflix-life program for e-books seems like a pretty simple, but brilliant idea. But I only see it becoming successful with readers that consume many, many books each month.  Otherwise, it doesn’t seem worth it to me.


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2 responses to “Netflix-Like Subscription Plan Available for E-Books

  1. I remember reading about this a little while ago, and at first, I was somewhat excited. Then I realized that we already have something like this. It’s called a library. Most cities have them. Most have free e-book check-out ability, and we already pay for them with our taxes! And yet most libraries are struggling because city councils cut back and cut back on the library funding. I’ve also discovered World Library which offers e-lending. And because my state supports e-book lending, I can check out any book, world-wide, for free. FREE!

    Maybe this is a good, deal, but if your readers are interested in e-book lending, please have them support their local libraries! Ben Franklin insisted it was good for the people (a free library) and today’s leaders think they know better than Franklin and are trying to take it away. If you want to pay $10/month for the right to check out books…chances are you are already paying for that right.

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