E-Book Streaming Services Expand

As web sites like Netflix and Spotify continue to expand, so do e-book streaming sites.

According to Entertainment Weekly, two e-book streaming start-ups, Scribd and Oyster, have struck up a partnership with publishing company Macmillan. Considering Macmillan is one of the largest publishing companies out there, this is great news for the start-ups. It means many, many more e-books and audiobooks are now available to Scribd and Oyster.

Both Scribd and Oyster offer hundreds of thousands of books for a $9 or $10 monthly fee, similar to Netflix.


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One response to “E-Book Streaming Services Expand

  1. I have to admit I’ve never quite understood the fascination with an e-book service like this. First, my library offers ebooks for free, and with the fee I already pay Amazon for Prime, I can get one free ebook at a time (plus a host of other benefits).

    Now, for movies, this makes sense. I can watch a LOT of movies and television shows by streaming them, for my $10/month. But it might take me a month to read a book. For that same $10 I could own a paperback to read in a month, and either give it to a friend, sell it, or trade it through services like paperbackswap.

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