201512021011430-greenberg273aWelcome to my bookworm blog!

My name is Lara Greenberg, and I’m an Emmy and Edward R. Murrow Award-winning anchor and reporter for WHP – CBS 21, the CBS affiliate in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I work in the heart of the Capital City, covering the top stories of the day from the area. And though I’m on TV every night, one of the integral parts of my job is writing.

My life is a constant cycle of reporting the things I see and hear. Aside from reading newspapers and news sites all day, I’m a huge bookworm. Reading for leisure allows me to learn and refocus my energy on things I don’t have the opportunity to experience. And as important as it is to me on both a personal and professional level to know what’s going on in the world, that includes popular culture. That’s why I like to read bestsellers, popular books, fiction and nonfiction.

I hope you can read along with me and find out more about the books you’re hoping to dig into. I also hope you’ll enjoy my interest in a wide range of books and allow yourself to read a variety of novels as well. It’s time to turn the page!


3 responses to “Autobiography

  1. I was mooching for perspectives on the Larsson movie adaptations and found your page. I’m a writer too and really enjoyed reading your auto-biog. I have a character in Gunshot Glitter called Lara, it’s one of my favourite names : )

  2. I agree that reading puts our lives in perspective and more importantly improves our writing. I’m enjoying your blog!

  3. epmark

    Congratulations on your marathon finish. You’re in the right place – Runner Magazine named Harrisburg one of the top running cities in the country in 1983.

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