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Amanda Knox’s Ex Gets A Book Deal

Amanda Knox may have her own $4 million dollar book deal, but now her ex-boyfriend has one too. Broken up or not, Knox’s ex, Raffaele Sollecito — the Italian student she dated while studying abroad — will forever be associated with Knox. They both served four years in Italian prison for the murder of Knox’s roommate, but were ultimately acquitted.

And now Sollecito’s putting that popular-by-association status to work, by writing a memoir for Gallery Books. According to this article by The New York Times, details of the deal have not been disclosed. But Presume Guilty: My Journey to Hell and Back with Amanda Knox is set to be published sometime this fall. And publishers have no doubt that it will be successful, as Julie Bosman reports.

“Raffaele Sollecito is a young man who spent four years in prison standing up for a woman he had known for a few weeks,” said Jennifer Bergstrom, editor in chief of Gallery Books. “I’m fascinated by his story and I think readers will be too.”

Bergstrom makes a good point. Not to mention: you put “Amanda Knox” in the title of anything, and people will be sure to read it.

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Amanda Knox Signs $4M Book Deal

Amanda Knox is set to be a multi-millionaire. The American exchange student who was convicted of murder and later acquitted just signed a $4 million book deal with HarperCollins to tell her story.

According to this article by Huffington Post, Knox will, for the first time, tell her side, with the help of journals she kept during her time spent in an Italian jail. Publishers say her memoir will detail the murder, the trial, and the second trial that ultimately acquitted her last year, as Hillel Italie explains.

“Knox will give a full and unflinching account of the events that led to her arrest in Perugia and her struggles with the complexities of the Italian judicial system,” HarperCollins said in a statement Thursday.

“Aided by journals she kept during her imprisonment, Knox will talk about her harrowing experience at the hands of the Italian police and later prison guards and inmates. She will reveal never before-told details surrounding her case, and describe how she used her inner strength and strong family ties to cope with the most challenging time of her young life.”

The $4 million deal promises world rights for the book, which is due in early 2013.

As the article mentions, the legal process is not yet over for Knox and the case of her dead roommate. So who’s to say whether or not the book will help or harm her case?Either way, it’ll be interesting to get an inside glimpse into Knox’s life.

Also worth noting is that 20 publishers made offers to buy Knox’s story; yet no one wants to buy the rights to Casey Anthony’s story.

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