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Bookstores After Sandy

After Hurricane Sandy tore through the Northeast just a few weeks ago, thousands of homes and businesses were wrecked. Not to be forgotten were a number of bookstores in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Here’s a list from The L.A. Times of bookstores that were damaged or affected with power outages. This list is now a week old, so here’s to hoping that most have at least gotten power back and have begun the rebuilding process.

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Historic Flood Trashes Books

This photo was taken by Star Gazette reporter/photographer — and my friend — Jason Whong. Historic flooding in New York’s Southern Tier region left destruction everywhere. One of the hardest hit villages was Owego, where this photo was taken outside the Riverow Bookshop. Tons of books were destroyed by the flood, and it breaks my heart to see valuable materials like books turned to waste and debris.

Here are some other sad bookstore photos. This should not reflect in any way that Riverow Bookshop, above, is closing.


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