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Gossip Girls Get Bloody

The only things hotter than sexy, rich girls are sexy, rich, bad girls. That’s why the author of the Gossip Girl series is doing a little change-up. Cecily von Ziegesar has written a new novel — a reboot of the very first Gossip Girl book, called Gossip Girl, Psycho Killer.

According to this article by Entertainment Weekly, von Ziegesar was approached by the CW to write a genre mash-up of her popular series. Opting to keep her characters human — rather than making them zombies or vampires — von Ziegesar chose to make the girls murderous.

She says she keeps the book funny and light, much like a teen slasher flick. She also says that other than the violent slayings, the reboot stays true to the plot of the original novel, as she explains in the interview with EW.

I took the original text of the first book and whenever I saw an opportunity, I layered in this story of Serena coming back from boarding school as this coldblooded psychopath, which, to me makes total sense. She’s sort of like the Ryan Gosling of Gossip Girl world. She has that deadpan style, doesn’t seem to have much personality and she’s really gorgeous, but then underneath she has this kind of scary ability to kill people.

Honestly, this idea sounds a little warped, but it’s absolutely brilliant. What a smart, inventive, funny way to bring back some spark to a tween series that’s grown boring over the years.

So what do you think the chances of the CW doing a special Halloween episode of Gossip Girl, Psycho Killer?

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