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Buffy Spin-Off Comic, Drusilla, Coming Soon

Okay,Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans. Besides Buffy and Angel, there were a number of cult fan favorites — no matter how good or bad they were. And Drusilla was one of them. Though she only appeared in 17 episodes of the show, Drusilla — played by Juliet Landau — made a big impact. And now she’s getting her own comic series.

Buffy already has its own comic strip, but the Drusilla spinoff will consist of a 5-issue miniseries, written by Landau herself. According to Entertainment Weekly, this is all part of Dark Horse Comic’s and the show creator Joss Whedon’s Buffy comic expansion project. The comic is set to be released in June, and will pick up where Drusilla leaves off in the Angel and Faithcomic series, which comes out April 25th.

Not too many details are being released, other than the public will see sides of Drusilla we’ve never seen before. Honestly, this is kind of awesome. Thoughts?

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