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Judy Greer Essay Collection On the Way

In movies, she’s almost always played the “best friend” (27 Dresses, The Wedding Planner). But finally, comedic actress Judy Greer is a leading lady — in nonfiction writing.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Judy Greer, who currently voices Cheryl on FX’s Archer, recently got a deal to publish her first book. It will be a collection of essays about a number of topics, ranging from her childhood in the Midwest to her career in film and TV.

Called I Don’t Know What You Know Me From, the book is tentatively set to come out sometime next year and left Greer with an advance of almost $1 million.

It’s nice to see her finally in the limelight; though I do wonder how many people will actually read a book about a woman that doesn’t have the largest following.

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Review: Ophelia Speaks

Recap: A teenage response to the late 90’s bestseller, Reviving Ophelia, Ophelia Speaks is a book of essays written by teenage girls from around the country. In it, they discuss the issues they face — everything from sex, drugs, and eating disorders to depression, school-related stress and racial issues. For parents of teens, it’s an eye-opener. For teens, it reads like a relatable  diary.

Its predecessor, Reviving Ophelia, was written by a therapist to discuss what teens deal with, but hearing it from the teens themselves in Ophelia Speaks packs a gut-wrenching punch. Suicidal tendencies seem common place, as does experimentation with boys, other girls, and alcohol. That may be frightening for parents, but for many teens, it’s the norm.

The book is divided into chapters focusing on specific issues. Each chapter includes three or four essays from different girls about that topic. Some are poems, some are actual diary entries, but they all tell deeply moving and emotional tales. Some are uplifting, but most tell the stories of lost, confused, frustrated, and sad girls. This is not to say that teenage girls are sad and lost all the time, but a constant lack of confidence is very real for many of them.

Analysis: I enjoyed the book as much as I could, but had to put it down several times and come back to it between books. On a personal note, Ophelia Speaks brought me back to a dark time in my teenage years. It reminded me of the hardships I faced with boys, my parents, school, and a lack of confidence that lead to other issues. Needless to say, it was difficult for me to get through.

Because of the subject matter, I think the book is better suited to teenage girls and parents of teenage girls. For the girls, it’s relatable and would easily make any girl feel less alone in her world of seeming catastrophe. For parents, it would make them more aware of what their daughters struggle with on a regular basis. There’s a lot to be learned from this book — as both a teaching source and a self-help book. For women not quite in the mother-daughter group, it’s still powerful, but doesn’t have the same direct impact as it could. I wish I read it 6 years ago.

Get Ophelia Speaks in paperback for $11.16.

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Two Nora Ephron Books Will Be Re-Released This Week

When producer, director, and writer Nora Ephron passed away this summer, fans fells in love with her work all over again. Unfortunately, some of Ephron’s best remembered books weren’t available, but they will be starting this week.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Ephron’s Crazy Salad: Some Things About Women and Scribble Scribble: Notes on the Media have been out of print since 1991 and 1984, respectively. Now Vintage is re-releasing the classics. They will be available as a single volume book, starting this Tuesday. They’ll also be available as e-books.

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Movie Based on David Sedaris Essay To Begin Production

For years, David Sedaris has been making people laugh with his funny — and maybe sometimes exaggerated, but who cares? — nonfiction essays and anecdotes.

Now, according to Entertainment Weekly and Indiewire, one of his essays is becoming a movie. Production is set to start next month on “C.O.G.,” which stands for “Child of God.” It’s  an essay included in his 1997 book Naked. The essay tells the story of the time when a young Sedaris and a “fanatical Christian” tried to sell stones at a local fair.

The EW article goes on to list a number of Sedaris’ stories that could also be turned into movies. I’ll admit: I’ve never read any of Sedaris’ work. That being said, I must agree with EW‘s Stephan Lee that Sedaris’ work might be better suited to an HBO series than a feature film. It will, however, be interesting to see his stories translated to the big screen.

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