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Prank Pushes Lance Armstrong Books To Be Classified as Fiction

If it turns out that lies were hidden behind many of Lance Armstrong’s successes, does that mean the nonfiction books published about him now become re-classified as fiction? No, not according to one library in Sydney, Australia or the National Library, for that matter.

According to Huffington Post, someone posted a prank note at Sydney’s Manly Library that said “All Non-Fiction Lance Armstrong Books, including ‘Lance Armstrong – Images of a Champion’, ‘The Lance Armstrong Performance Program and ‘Lance Armstrong: World’s Greatest Champion,’ will soon be moved to the fiction section.”

Photos of the note quickly went viral, and librarians at Manly insist the note is just a prank. Apparently, no one can re-classify a book’s genre without changing the ISBN number issued by the National Library.

Alas, Lance Armstrong’s book will remain in the nonfiction section. But will it always? And how much does it really mean when readers know the book consists of untruths? Either way, it’s a pretty hilarious prank if you ask me. Thoughts?

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‘Fifty Shades’ Meets ‘Harry Potter’: The New Adult Genre

When you walk into a bookstore, you see shelves for fiction and for young adults. But these days, there’s a new genre developing that fits on both shelves: new adult.

As it turns out, sexier young adult fiction is experiencing a spike in sales right now. Thanks to popular young adult books that adults are now reading, like The Hunger Games and Twilight, and sexy books that teens want to read, like Fifty Shades of Grey, young adult fiction is starting to grow up a bit. According to The New York Times, publishers have labeled the steamier, sexy young adult novels as “new adult.”

It’s the fiction geared to an 18-to-25 age bracket, for those who like the emotional intensity of young adult fiction, but also want the sex of adult novels. Some authors have re-released their YA books, with new sexually explicit scenes included. Others are just starting to include sex in their stories from the beginning — unlike  Twilight for instance, which moves past the big Bella-Edward sex scene and doesn’t include any details about it.

Publishers are eating it up. Labeling the books “new fiction” has made it easier to market, and they’re continuing to see sales rise, as Leslie Kaufman explains.

The goal is to retain young readers who have loyally worked their way through series like Harry Potter, “The Hunger Games” and “Twilight,” all of which tread lightly, or not at all, when it comes to sexual encounters…Providing more mature material, publishers reason, is a good way to maintain devotion to books among the teenagers who are scooping up young-adult fiction and making it the most popular category in literature, with a crossover readership that is also attracting millions of adults. All while creating a new source of revenue.

Others say it’s just the publishers trying to find a way to make money.

What say you?



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Gossip Girls Get Bloody

The only things hotter than sexy, rich girls are sexy, rich, bad girls. That’s why the author of the Gossip Girl series is doing a little change-up. Cecily von Ziegesar has written a new novel — a reboot of the very first Gossip Girl book, called Gossip Girl, Psycho Killer.

According to this article by Entertainment Weekly, von Ziegesar was approached by the CW to write a genre mash-up of her popular series. Opting to keep her characters human — rather than making them zombies or vampires — von Ziegesar chose to make the girls murderous.

She says she keeps the book funny and light, much like a teen slasher flick. She also says that other than the violent slayings, the reboot stays true to the plot of the original novel, as she explains in the interview with EW.

I took the original text of the first book and whenever I saw an opportunity, I layered in this story of Serena coming back from boarding school as this coldblooded psychopath, which, to me makes total sense. She’s sort of like the Ryan Gosling of Gossip Girl world. She has that deadpan style, doesn’t seem to have much personality and she’s really gorgeous, but then underneath she has this kind of scary ability to kill people.

Honestly, this idea sounds a little warped, but it’s absolutely brilliant. What a smart, inventive, funny way to bring back some spark to a tween series that’s grown boring over the years.

So what do you think the chances of the CW doing a special Halloween episode of Gossip Girl, Psycho Killer?

Get Gossip Girl, Psycho Killer now for just $6 — a total savings of 44%.

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