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Julie Andrews To Pen Second Memoir

With the 50th anniversary of the movie, The Sound of Music, comes not only an ABC Special with Diane Sawyer and Julie Andrews, but also a big book announcement from the musical actress.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Julie Andrews will be publishing her second memoir, to be released in 2017. The actress is best known for her roles in The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, and Victor/Victoria, but she says there’s more to her than those movies.

She released her first memoir, Home, in 2008 (which I own, but have yet to read, so stay tuned for my inevitable review!). Home focused on her early children and stage career. Her follow-up is set to cover her now world-famous career from the 1960s to the 1990s.

The new memoir doesn’t yet have a title, but is expected to be released in September of 2017.

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Julie Andrews to Direct Musical Based on Her Children’s Book

When you’re known for telling the world “the hills are alive” and that “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” is spelled…well…like that, then it’s obvious you’ve made a huge impact on the musical world. But now, Julie Andrews is creating her own musical.

According to this article by The New York Times, Julie Andrews is set to direct The Great American Mousical, a musical based on the children’s book she co-wrote with her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton. The book/show tells the story of a mouse who’s a famous actress and gets stuck in a trap just before her Broadway premiere.

The show is set to run from November 8 to December 2 at the Norma Terris Theater in Connecticut. Goodspeed Musicals is developing the show. Goodspeed has worked with Andrews before, when she directed a version of The Boy Friend in 2005, but this will be Andrews’ first time developing a new show.

I have a lot of faith in Julie Andrews — I’ve always been a huge fan — and considering who she’s working with to develop the show, I have no doubt it will do well.

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