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Movie vs. Book: Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed is not only a story about friendship versus love, but about fate versus decisions and desire versus expectations. Those concepts hold true in both the movie and book. The story follows Rachel — a sophisticated, but reserved 30-year-old — who’s spent her entire life in the shadow of her exciting, but self-centered best friend, Darcy. Darcy gets everything she wants. So when Rachel meets the man of her dreams in law school and introduces him to Darcy, that’s the end of Rachel’s dream. Or so she thought.

Flash forward a few years later. Now this man, Dex, and Darcy are about to get married. And in a sudden act of spontaneity, Rachel and Dex sleep together, after years of unspoken feelings. The relationship — or rather, affair — continues. Meanwhile, Darcy is off, having her own affair.

It’s soapy, yes. But it’s also romantic, enticing, and thrilling, and that’s what made Something Borrowed a bestseller. Statistically speaking, the popularity of the book did not translate in theaters.

For instance, the movie uses flashbacks to tell the story of Rachel and Dex, but the affair still feels rushed. First, they accidentally sleep together, and the next thing you know, they’re saying those three little words. However, the book goes deeper into the character’s thoughts, so we understand their feelings as they develop. Not to mention, it takes longer to read a book than to watch a movie. That being said, in the book, the affair between Rachel and Dex feels much longer than it does in the movie, thereby making the book more more believable.

The movie — starring Ginnifer Goodwin as Rachel and Kate Hudson as Darcy — also made a few minor changes, like the role of Ethan. Ethan — played by John Krasinski — is Rachel’s other best friend. In the novel, Ethan doesn’t have a large role, but in the movie, he’s a major character. Despite the plot change, Ethan works well because he’s the comedic highlight of the film. (Though, the way the movie develops his relationship with Rachel is a little hard to believe.)

Despite its flaw and changes, I’m still shocked Something Borrowed did as poorly as it did in theaters.  Maybe it’s because we find ourselves rooting for the girl who’s sleeping with her best friend’s fiance. But it’s evident in both the novel and movie, that Darcy is a bad person, a not-so-great friend, and a horrible girlfriend. This is the story of the underdog finally standing up for herself. The movie version of Something Borrowed is still a fun, light chick flick. I found myself laughing and tearing up at all the right — and cliche — parts. If you read Something Borrowed and enjoyed it — which, let’s be honest; you probably did — it’s definitely worth checking out the movie.

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