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In Memphis, Library Cards as Voter IDs

Election Day is just a few days away, and with the scrutinizing media coverage of this year’s Presidential race, excessive political ads, and controversial debate over various states’ voter ID laws, most of you are probably sick of the election, and it hasn’t even started yet. But here’s an interesting story you probably haven’t heard.

The Tennessee Supreme Court ruled just last week that in Memphis — and Memphis alone — voters can use their Memphis library cards as voter ID for the election.

According to Huffington Post, Tennessee passed the Voter ID Law earlier this year, requiring people to show a state or federal issued form of identification on Election Day. Passports, driver’s licenses, and state-issued handgun permits are all acceptable. Republicans claim the Voter ID Law will prevent voter fraud. Democrats claim it’s just a way to deter typical voters from voting.

Memphis filed a lawsuit against the law in July, stating that the law would prevent people with other forms of ID from voting. After a long back and forth between courts, the Tennessee Supreme Court finally ruled that library cards would be an acceptable form of ID.

Suddenly those library cards hold a lot more meaning, no? Maybe it’s time to renew yours…

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