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‘Mad Men’ Creator Matthew Weiner Pens Novel

120320_innterogation_weiner-crop-rectangle3-largeFinally, a celebrity who’s not writing a self-indulgent memoir but who’s gracing us with what he has already proven to do so well: fiction. “Mad Men’ creator and writer Matthew Weiner has written his first novel, according to The New York Times.

It took him about nine months to write the novel, Heather, the Totality, which is expected to be published by Little, Brown in the fall of 2017. The book sounds absolutely fascinating and perfectly creepy — telling the story of a teenager named Heather from the perspective of multiple characters who are obsessed with her, be it her parents or others vying for her attention.

Publishers who have read it say it’s similar to Henry James or Edgar Allan Poe and is “psychologically very chilling” and “very clever.”

Though Mad Men wasn’t necessarily written with that feeling or tone in mind, I always felt that certain episodes had it — as viewers and other characters just waited and waited for the seemingly inevitable collapse of Don Draper. Same with Tony Soprano in The Sopranos, for which Matthew Weiner also wrote.

Weiner is a man who’s already mastered the craft of writing. This novel is simply a different format, but it doesn’t mean it will be any less artful than that which he’s already created.

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Mad Men Reading List

Every once in a while, two of my favorite things combine and make me a very happy girl. In this case, it’s books and Mad Men. With the show’s 5th season set to premiere this Sunday (my God, FINALLY!), I thought it would only be appropriate to post a list of books referenced in the series — the Mad Men Reading List.

Compiled by the New York Public Library, the list includes each book that’s referenced in the show, in which episode, with links to the library’s site so you can get yourself a copy.

Though I don’t always read the books that my favorite TV shows or movies reference, I firmly believe that all literary references represent deeper meaning in much of what’s happening in the storyline of said show/movie. The literary references tend to draw crucial parallels and can be excellent foreshadowing techniques for a show or movie.

It was brilliant of the NYPL to put this list together, and I hope you find some goodies on the list like I have! Who knows? Pick up a copy of something and you just might feel inclined to wear a skinny tie and sip some scotch at work tomorrow.


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Get Mad Men: The Illustrated World for $9

If you’re a fan of the TV show Mad Men and are going through withdrawal, here’s the perfect thing to get you through until the new episodes begin: Mad Men: The Illustrated World. It’s a TV tie-in, a book component to go along with the fabulous 1960’s ad world of Don Draper. Included are kitschy styling tips, recipes for the perfect cocktail, and chapters on the home and office. It’s the only official tie-in to the show, and brings the life of Don, his co-workers, women, and children to the page in a funny, bright way.

Get Mad Men: The Illustrated World for just $9.

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