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Random House in Talks to Merge with Penguin

A publishing monopoly could soon be headed this way. According to New York Daily News, two of the world’s largest publishers, Random House and Penguin, are discussing a possible merger.

Publishing 10,000 book a year, Random House is clearly the larger of the two publishing houses. Penguin only publishes about 4,000 books a year. Experts say this would fill Penguin’s parent company’s need to grow and expand. However, there’s also a possibility that if acquired, Penguin would be sold off by Random House’s parent company.

Nothing is official yet, but the talks have writers concerned about the future of the industry. After all, Amazon and and Apple have become big book monopolies in their own right, pushing the industry in a digital direction. Who knows what adding another large company to the mix could mean for publishers and writers?

Spokespeople from both companies say nothing is official yet, and just because they’re talking doesn’t necessarily mean anything will come of it.

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Teen To Publish One Direction Fan Fiction Book

When you’re 16 years old, writing fanfiction about your favorite boy band on a web site, a few comments and “likes” is probably all you expect to get out of it. But that’s not the case for U.K. teen Emily Baker, who just got a book deal for her fan fiction about the band One Direction.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Penguin offered her the deal after reading her story about a teenage girl caught in a love triangle with two members of the British boy band One Direction. Baker had posted itĀ on Movellas.com. Because of the book deal, the story has since been removed from the Internet, and due to copyright infringment, the story has been generalized to be about a girl who gets involved with two guys from her favorite boy band.

The book, called Loving the Band, was one Penguin said fit perfectly into their niche for romantic YA novels because of its unique, but smart idea to incorporate pop culture.

It makes sense to me. I mean, who wouldn’t offer her a deal? After all, isn’t this every teenage girl’s dream?

The book will be available as an e-book onĀ November 1.

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