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Why It Pays To Be a Tweeting Author: Jennifer Weiner’s ‘Bachelorette’ Gig

For most of us, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are domains to express how we feel about, well, pretty much anything. Sometimes we’re funny. Most of the time we’re not. But we tweet anyway in the hopes that someone will read our 140 attempts at getting attention. If you’re a bestselling author and write for a living, you know people will see those tweets. But when In Her Shoes author Jennifer Weiner wrote a Facebook post about Jason Mesnick from The Bachelor a few seasons back, she was surprised at the response she got.

So began her weekly Bachelor/Bachelorette live-tweets, which have now led to a new gig at Entertainment Weekly, according to a post on her Facebook page last month. Though I’ve been unable to find out any more details about it, Weiner states “I am THRILLED to announce that, starting 5/14, I’m going to be live-blogging ‘The Bachelorette’ for the kind folks at Entertainment Weekly! Stay tuned for details…”

Coincidentally, EW wrote up this article on Weiner and other celebrity tweeters in January. In the reality world of The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Jennifer Weiner has become a favorite tweeter. In fact it earned her a spot on Time‘s list of 140 Best Twitter feeds last year. So it’s no surprise it would lead to an EW gig like this. Weiner is outspoken, hilarious, and seems like the best friend you’ve never met — all perfect attributes for a good live-tweeter.

So for all your Bachelorette fans, here’s Weiner’s Twitter handle, @jenniferweiner, if you’re looking for someone to gossip with about the drama that’s set to begin tomorrow night at 8pm on ABC. Will you tune in?

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Lauren Conrad Debuts New Trilogy

Yet another trilogy is upon us. No, it won’t be as great and mesmerizing as The Hunger Games. Nor will it be as adult and erotic as Fifty Shades of Grey. Nonetheless it will likely sell well because of its author: Lauren Conrad.

As previously reported, Conrad — of Laguna Beach and The Hills fame — was set to publish her second young adult trilogy, entitled The Fame Game. According to this article by Entertainment Weekly, the first book is now out in stores.

The Fame Game, like Conrad’s previous L.A. Candy series, tells the story of four girls trying to make it in Los Angeles and Hollywood. It’s a spinoff to her L.A. Candy series, which achieved bestseller status. This trilogy will follow the character Madison Parker — a Heidi Montag-like character.

Though I’m sure the trilogy will sell well, I doubt it will do as well as L.A. Candy. When Conrad published L.A. Candy, she had just completed her run on The Hills. At the time, the public was much more in tune with Conrad. The storylines from the MTV reality show were still fresh in people’s minds. Now — not so much. Not to mention, it’s a spinoff, which means if you haven’t read L.A. Candy, you probably have little interest in reading The Fame Game. So what do you think? Will the trashy book sell well like most trashy books do? Or is the whole “Lauren Conrad: Author” status a thing of the past?

Get The Fame Game in hardcover now for just $12.91.

Or get it on your Kindle for just $9.99.

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Kardashian Konfidential Updated with Wedding Chapter…FAIL!

Last month, I told you the Kardashian sisters would be giving their book Kardashian Konfidential a wedding makeover.

Included in the updated version is a new chapter and exclusive photos from Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ “magical” wedding extravaganza.

But after 72 days of wedded bliss, Kardashian and Humphries are living in Splitsville. Unfortunately, the new edition of Kardashian Konfidential has already been printed up and is still set to hit bookstores on November 22nd.

According to this article in Entertainment Weekly, here’s some of what we can expect in the new edition.

  • “I’m so happy that I’m with a man who’s excited about his work and has such a full life.” —Kim
  • “Putting together a wedding is a huge job…. Still, I did manage to find some time along the way to really think about what was happening and where this next chapter of life was going to take me.” —Kim
  • “We were married! All of those years dreaming about my wedding…. And it was finally here. Just amazing!” —Kim
  • “There was so much going on at this moment…. But for Kris and myself, there was something else going on. Something sweet! Something simple!” —Kim

So what can we learn from this ghastly PR disaster — and marriage?

1. Don’t rush into marriage.

2. Don’t televise the wedding.

3. Don’t sign a special edition book deal until after at least a year of already having been married.

I’m pretty sure we can expect sales of the book to go through the roof for pure irony alone. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I like Kim Kardashian, and I feel bad for the girl. But when it comes to this marriage and the way she marketed it, there was certainly a better way to do it.

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Enter to Win the Kardashians’ New Audiobook for Free!

You may remember that I recently told you about the new, updated version of the Kardashians’ book Kardashian Konfidential.

In addition to the new version of the book, the Kardashians are also releasing an audiobook version of Konfidential, read by the sisters themselves.

Would you like an advanced copy for free? Well, good! Because I’ve got one to give to one lucky winner!

All you have to do is leave a comment here, telling me who your favorite sister is and why. Enter by this Saturday, at 9am.


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Kardashians Give Their Book a Wedding Makeover

As the lives of the Kardashian sisters change, so must their accompanying merchandise. Such is the case with their bestselling book, Kardashian Konfidential.

Now that Kim Kardashian has married basketball player Kris Humphries, the girls have decided to add a chapter and some exclusive wedding photos to their book, as well as change the cover. The photo above is what the new cover will look like.

And, according to this article by Entertainment Weekly, the new edition will include 12 never-before-seen photos from Kim Kardashian’s wedding on August 20th. Besides that, the new  chapter will give business advice, which will be particularly helpful for up-and-coming fashionistas, like the Kardashians themselves.

While some may be sick of the Kardashians, one must admit they know exactly what they’re doing and they’re very business savvy. Capitalizing on their personal lives is what keeps people buying into their celebrity. And just like a DVD includes extras and bonus materials, it’s only natural that the Kardashians would want to release a deluxe edition of their book.

The new book is set to be released November 22nd. The e-book version will also be released for the first time that day.

You can get the original hardcover copy of the book now for just $10.


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Bourdain Has No Reservations About New Book Line

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain is no longer lending his name to just hit TV shows; now he’s also signing off on books.

According to this article by The New York Times, the popular chef, author, and TV host will acquire books for Ecco, which is part of HarperCollins. This doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be writing them, but he will assist in the overall process. The plan is for 3 to 5 Bourdain books to be produced annually.

It’s a deal similar to that which Chelsea Handler has with Grand Central Publishing.

In a press release, Bourdain says the books will be about food — obviously — but that’s not all.

We’re presently looking at an initial list composed of chefs, enthusiasts, fighters, musicians and dead essayists. And we’re looking to publish them in a way that’s both accessible and respectful of the power of the written word – and appropriately fetishistic about the tactile joys of the printed page.

Seems like a good move for Bourdain’s growing empire. But it’ll be interesting how the non-food-related books fare.

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LC’s Got Another Series Up Her Sleeve

The L.A. Candy series may have ended, but Lauren Conrad’s literary work won’t stop there.

The bestselling author and Laguna Beach and The Hills star is set to publish another 3-book series, called The Fame Game. According to this article from the Los Angeles Times, the series will be an L.A. Candy spinoff with fame whore Madison Parker as the main character.

At the end of Sugar and Spice, the final book in the L.A. Candy series, (spoiler!) we learn that Madison comes to terms with her secret past and moves forward, by doing charity work among other things. With the fairytale ending Conrad wrote for her, I have to wonder where she’s going to take the character in this other series.

Though I must admit: if any of the other supporting characters were going to get a spinoff series, it would be Madison. Though hated, she was still fun to read about.

I’m sure The Fame Game will be just as poorly written and one-dimensional as L.A. Candy is. But with Conrad’s name to it and more of that semi-autobiographical glimpse into her reality TV life, it’s sure to be another bestseller and — nothing for nothing — a good beach read.


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Bravo for Andy Cohen! TV Exec To Pen Memoir

For all you deliciously-obsessed Real Housewives fans, good news: there will soon be even more ways to stalk Bravo Andy.

Bravo executive vice president Andy Cohen is penning a memoir, set to be published in the summer of 2012. According to EW, the book will cover his journey from his closeted teen years in St. Louis to his fabulous life as a Bravo executive and TV personality.

I, for one, have never been much of an Andy Cohen enthusiast, but I know you’re out there. And I imagine if you watch any of the following shows — Top Chef, Top Chef Masters, The Real Housewives of Orange County, New York City, Atlanta , New Jersey, and D.C., Kathy Griffin My Life On the D-List, The Millionaire Matchmaker, Million Dollar Listing, The Rachel Zoe Project, The Fashion Show, Bethenny Getting Married?, Shear Genius, Tabatha’s Salon Takeover and Flipping Out — there’s a very good chance you’ll be interested enough to read his memoir.

Which means…bravo for Andy! You’re about to be a bestseller!

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Review: Sugar and Spice

Recap: The L.A. Candy series comes to an end with the abrupt, predictable third novel, Sugar and Spice. The four girls who appear on the hit show, L.A. Candy, all have moments of realization about how un-real their “reality” show is.

Jane must decide between the two men who present themselves at the end of the second novel, Sweet Little Lies. Her best friend, Scarlett, attempts to have her first real relationship with a guy who refuses to appear on the show. Madison must deal with her secret past, when her (spoiler!) sister shows up in LA. And Gaby struggles with what she wants to do and what her new publicist is pushing her to do.

The themes of friendship and relationships continue in this book, as the girls confront each other, the show’s producer, and the paparazzi.

Analysis: In the final book of the semi-autobiographical series from Lauren Conrad, of Laguna Beach and The Hills fame, the lies and coverups become too much. The girls finally realize that being on a reality show, controlled by a hypnotizing, but deceitful producer, was never what they wanted. In the end, the girls learn what they want, who they are, and take steps toward refocusing their energy and time on what’s right for them.

Sugar and Spice does what the rest of the L.A. Candy series does — gives us a fluffy, light story that still manages to intrigue us. There’s a twist in Jane’s story that irritated me, but I ultimately decided it made sense in order to show her character’s growth. And though the writing is poor and the plots predictable, we have to wonder, is this what things were really like for Lauren Conrad when she was on The Hills? And it’s for that reason that we keep reading.

Not only is the ending inevitable, it also feels rushed. Scarlett’s storyline in particular was wrapped up quite quickly, and I found myself almost forgetting about Gaby altogether. This novel was also the shortest of the 3-book series. There’s no question that Conrad could have done a better job explaining how things ended. Instead, the last 2 or 3 chapters read like an epilogue.

MVP: Jane Roberts. The girl finally got a clue! After three books of reading about her and her horrible life choices, it’s nice to see the girl grow up and not be so naive.

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Review: Sweet Little Lies

Recap: The second novel in Lauren Conrad’s L.A. Candy series, Sweet Little Lies tells the story of Jane Roberts coming to terms with her relationships. At the end of L.A. Candy, indecent photos of her and her non-boyfriend, Braden, have been published in the tabloids. In Lies, Roberts relies on her new BFF, Madison, to get her life back on track. But her close bond with Madison pushes her away from longtime BFF, Scarlett. Scarlett moves on with a new man and unexpected friendship with Gaby (the “reality” show’s 4th lead girl). But Jane continues to spiral, making all the wrong decisions. She resumes her relationship with ex-boyfriend and celebrity manwhore, Jesse, and continues to confide in Madison – though she’s the one leaking all of her personal information to the gossip world. Ultimately, the sweet little lies come out.

Analysis: This novel serves its purpose: it’s a light and fluffy book that more or less gives tweens a look into Lauren Conrad’s life on The Hills. Though the plots are fictional, the series is semi-autobiographical, telling the story of two girls who move to L.A. and magically get picked to star in a new reality show.

The novel does a good job of showing how unrealistic “reality” TV is. For instance, when the show’s producer learns his “star” and boyfriend have broken up via text message, he begins piecing together a “breakup scene,” so the viewers will “understand what happened.” We also get further insight into the producer’s edits, with Scarlett picking her scenes apart word for word.

Aside from the ­­obvious platform on the current state of “reality” TV, this book is about relationships, between both lovers and friends. Friends become lovers (Scarlett and Liam). Friends grow apart (Scarlett and Jane). Girls become friends with each other too quickly (Jane and Madison). And someone you never thought you’d become friends with is suddenly your confidante (Scarlett and Gaby). Relationships are never easy, and that’s what Jane learns here. At points, she doesn’t know who to trust. Her boyfriend is abusive, her truest friend is out of her life, and her current friend is using her.

Jane’s a damsel in distress and annoying. But as readers, we relate to her for the same reasons the viewers of her show relate to her. We’ve all been there. We’ve all had friendships that have died, been revived, or grown. And when it comes down to it, we all know who will be there for us in the end.

MVP: Diego Nieri aka D. D’s a minor character, but he saves the day and shows Jane how naïve she’s been. D’s a little sidekick; a friend of Jane and Scarlett, who pops up a few times throughout the novel. But when he does, it’s always with flavor. He’s gay and fabulous, but most importantly reliable. In a city where Jane learns she has no one to trust, D is her rock. He protects his girls. And scenes with D always make me laugh. (Think Anthony Marentino in Sex and the City.)

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