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Ricky Martin to Release Children’s Book

If you’re wondering where Ricky Martin’s been and what he’s been up to recently, well, he’s been writing — and not songs! The Puerto Rican pop singer recently announced he’s working on a children’s book.

According to The Huffington Post, Ricky Martin’s book is called Santiago The Dreamer In Land Among The Stars, and will be published in both English and Spanish. This is not Martin’s first book (he wrote a memoir in 2011, entitled Me), but it is his first children’s book. The book is inspired by Martin’s performance-based childhood. Santiago tells the story of a little boy who doesn’t get the lead role in his school play and must learn to gain his confidence back.

In a press release, Martin wrote:

“My greatest wish is that Santiago The Dreamer will occupy a special place in the hearts of children and their parents, with everyone enjoying this uplifting story that shows the fulfillment of dreams begins with self-confidence.”

The book is expected to be published in both English and Spanish on November 14.

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