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Get 50 Cent and Jay-Z Bestsellers on the Cheap

A little while back, I told you about a new comic book rapper 50 Cent would be writing. As you may or may not remember, the new comic will be based on his bestseller book The 50th Law.

Well, now Law is on sale for just $11 in hardcover. Law, which is co-written by Robert Greene, is a how-to for achieving success.

And if you aren’t a 50 Cent fan, don’t fret because Jaz-Z’s bestselling book Decoded is also on sale — now $20 in hardcover.

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Captain G-Unit: 50 Cent to Pen Comic Book

Rapper 50 Cent is already a New York Times bestseller with his book, The 50th Law. But now he’s looking to capitalize on his writing success by penning a comic book (which will be co-written by Robert Greene).

According to this article by XXL News, the comic will be based on his bestselling book. The 50th Law (co-written by Robert Greene) is a how-to for achieving success. SmarterComics will publish it next year in print and e-book versions. As Lauren Carter explains, the publishing company “combines the educational power of textbooks with the visual appeal and entertainment value of comic books.”

I hadn’t known that 50 Cent had a book, but now I’m curious to read it. I’m also wondering how a self-help book will become a comic book. After all, aren’t most comics fantasies?

Get The 50th Law for just $11 — a total savings of 44%.

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