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Perez Hilton To Publish Children’s Book

Born This Way. Firework. It Gets Better. These uplifting themes that have become pop culture references in their own right are exactly what’s going into Perez Hilton’s new children’s book.

Called The Boy With Pink Hair, the book follows the story of a young boy with pink hair who gets bullied, makes a friend, and overcomes the hate. According to this Entertainment Weekly article, the book is creative and tells an inspiring story. As Stephen Lee explains, there’s no reason for parents who might not like Perez Hilton to worry.

No, the “Boy with Pink Hair” isn’t a euphemism for “Boy with Homosexual Tendencies,” as some may fear; the book will appeal to creative kids who may have been picked on for their offbeat interests…Devoid of Hilton’s signature snark and celebrity obsession, The Boy with Pink Hair is a harmless, fun read for kids.

It sounds to me like this children’s book is a keeper. And we all know what that means…the famed celebrity blogger’s new title may very well be bestseller.


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