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Get The Descendants (Movie Tie-In) for Just $10

Now that the Oscars are only a month away, I thought it might be good to post good deals on the books that were adapted into movies this year. And as most of you know, there were a slew of them. In fact, six of this year’s nine Best Picture nominees were based on books. Kind of ridiculous, when you think about it. That being said, here’s my first deal.

The Descendants — which I’ve seen, but have yet to read — tells the story of Matt King, a man whose wife is in a coma after a serious accident. It’s during this already stressful time that his oldest daughter tells him his wife’s been cheating on him.

King is now forced to deal with his ill wife, her wandering ways, and raising his two daughters. King and his daughters venture out across Hawaii and grow together in ways they never imagined.

Now you can get The Descendants with the movie tie-in for just $10.

You can also get it on your Kindle for just $11.99.

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