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‘The Sweet Life’ Available as Audiobooks

A few weeks ago, I told you about a new Sweet Valley High spinoff e-book series that hit the Interwebs this summer. All six of the e-books have since been released.

But according to Entertainment Weekly, they’re now also available as audiobooks.

Check out the free snippet from book #2 here.

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New ‘Sweet Valley High’ Spin-Off Available in E-Book Format

Before Harry Potter and Twilight, there was The Babysitter’s Club and Sweet Valley High. Well now, Sweet Valley is back. Sort of.

The young adult author who wrote the series, Francine Pascal, has written a 6-book Sweet Valley spin-off called The Sweet Life. According to Entertainment Weekly, the series is only available for e-readers. It takes place three years after the setting of last year’s Sweet Valley Confidential; in The Sweet Life, the twins are 30 years old.

Each e-book comes out Sunday nights from July 15th through August 12th and only costs $1.99 a piece. But the news doesn’t end there. Starting October 1st, the first 12 books in the original SVH series will be made available for e-readers for the first time with original covers included.

Click here for an excerpt of the first new Sweet Life book.
Get Book 1 of The Sweet Life for your Kindle here for just $1.99.

Here’s the second book in the series.

And here’s the third and most recent one to come out.

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