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Three Cups of Tea Controversy Continues

Things continue to fall apart for the Three Cups of Tea author Greg Mortenson. When Mortenson published Three Cups of Tea in 2006, the nonfiction book became a massive bestseller, raising millions of dollars for the charity Mortenson founded, Central Asia Institute, or CAI. Now he must pay $1 million to the charity.

His nonfiction book about his decision to build schools in Central Asia served as a way to raise money for the schools. The book came under fire last year after a 60 Minutes report stated that parts of Mortenson’s books were fictional.

Now, according to Huffington Post, Mortenson is facing more legal troubles. The Minnesota Attorney General is reporting that Mortenson used funds for the charity for his personal use i.e. iTunes, vacations, and luggage. The AG also alleges Mortenson did not uphold his end of the agreements with the charity — namely that he would split book promotion costs and contribute the amount he received in royalties from the books bought by CAI.

As a result, he must pay back CAI, but the payments could take years to make because he has “insufficient financial resources” to pay it back at once. In his defense, one of CAI’s donors says Mortenson simply had “fuzzy math” skills. Either way, $1 million is about to come out of his pocket for his own errors, deliberate or not.

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