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Something Seemingly Different from Jennifer Weiner

I’ve always been a fan of chick lit author Jennifer Weiner. Best known for writing In Her Shoes, which was later turned into a movie starring Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette, and Shirley MacLaine, Weiner has a certain Jewish wit to her writing that’s funny and charming. And as of today, she has another novel to add to her repertoire: Then Came You.

Of the few books I’ve read of hers, I’ve learned that Weiner generally writes her novels from the perspective of a self-conscious, Jewish, overweight woman with plain Jane looks. Because most of her novels are also romance-oriented, the average looks and sour attitude add to the hilarity — and relatable quality — of the books.  As a woman, I completely understand most, if not all, of the thoughts racing through the mind of the usually anal protagonist. And it makes it even easier to like the woman and root for her.

Then Came You debuts today, July 12th, but it seems as if Weiner takes a different approach with her 9th book. After reading the first chapter online, I learned that yes, there is a focus on appearance and the protagonist’s discomfort with the way she looks. But in this novel, the protagonist is a blonde, thin, athletic, beautiful girl — much different from the other Weiner novels with which I’m familiar. Not to mention, the plot revolves around the girl’s decision whether or not to donate her eggs. Again, a striking dissimilarity from her other novels. Generally, her stories are lighter.

All in all, it seems like Then Came You is something a different from your average Jennifer Weiner novel. But different is good.

Recommended reads: Look for In Her Shoes and Good in Bed, two hilarious and heartwarming novels by Weiner.


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