I am always looking for new books to read and review for my blog. You can reach me here:

Email: larabryn (dot) greenberg (at) gmail (dot) com

Instagram: @larasbookclub

Or just leave me a comment on this page.

I look forward to hearing from you!

21 responses to “Contact

  1. Hey Lara: I searched you out after talking to you at the gym last night. This is such a great site and so well done! I am going to send it to all my book loving friends. Surely I will have suggestions on what you should review – stay tuned!

  2. Hi Laura, I’ve just scanned your reading list. Oh my, what an eclectic range. I notice a large proportion are female writers but then I notice more women blog read and write than men so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.
    I’d love it if you could take a look at one or two of my efforts. The Prairie Companions might resonate, given your taste.
    Surviving Beauty is contemporary and a little controversial in subject.
    You can see extracts and detail on my blog.
    I’ll be visiting even if you don’t review, I like your style.
    Regards, davidrory.

  3. David, I would love to read one or both of your books! How can I get copies of them? And thanks for reading my blog! 🙂

  4. valerie benadie

    Dear Lara,
    I have written a very controversial book and would like to know how to go about selling it in SA. It will help a lot of people with questions they had all their lives. I talk about the holy grail, the nephilim, angels, demons, the end time prophesies, Revelations, Leonardo da Vicni, Mary magdalene etc. Interested? visit my fb page What if. you can also contact me on Thank you Valerie Benadie

  5. michael finaghty

    Lara, can I send you my paperback from Australia. Do you have a snail mail address in NYC?

  6. valerie

    Logvideo of book “What if”, writer : Valerie Benadie,. Click on Link :

    Please click on the link above. The book is about
    1) The nephillim, and what were they doing here and are they coming back
    2) The holy grail, what is it really
    3) Leonardo Da vinci, what was his message to the world, who was he really
    4) Mary magdalene, who was she
    5) King Gilgamesh, who was he what is his purpose in end time prophesy.
    6) End time Prophecy and what will happen
    7) Crystal skulls and what is it really
    8) Spear of Christ, where is it and what does it do?
    If you are interested in giving me a review on my book please send me your address. I have send email as well. Thanks

  7. EM

    Hi Lara, you left a comment on my site about the flooding and the books on the street. Thank you. I just saw that you are in Scranton. I was in Williamsport on Thursday night to give a talk about my collage art works in the Converge Gallery ( for the show After The Flood. I’m wondering if you might be able to drop by because it’s not that far and my work touches upon books and worlds and hints at the recent floods… See the site and if you are interested drop me a note. Thank you, Matthew Rose (I’m now back in Paris, France).

  8. Hi Lara, Thank you for your care in reaching out to help others!
    I would love to bring solace, understanding and information to your readers to help them in their lives. I released two new books; “Your Loved One JUST Visited You! (Solace after the Passing of a Loved One) and “Soul Mates Courtship with Destiny” – it seems a gazillion people have soul mate issues that need to be cleared up. I’m here if I can help you!
    All my best,

  9. I just read your review of: “The Mobius Strip of Ifs,” and it was very well written with good insights…You may be interested in reading and reviewing my sci-fi mystery novel: “Time Trip on a Moebius Strip,” which deals with 16 famous missing people of history all trapped in a timeless dimension. I discovered many connecting facts that 10 of them seem to share with each other. I was totally flabbergasted by these facts. Five of these famous people have a connection with a goddess, three of them with the goddess Aphrodite. The other five famous people have a connection with a rose. You will be amazed when you discover how this all ties in with why they are all together in this timeless void….I would be happy to send you a free copy of my book if you would like to read it…..Thanks for this website for us book lovers…..D. Richard Lewis

  10. Hello Lara,

    Lara is my wife’s name, but she’s from Ukraine, so it is the short from of Larisa. I am a science fiction and horror author and would like to introduce my new release for your consideration. The book is titled Condosaur and is a horror novel. The book is a fast read and has garnered a great review from Snakebite Horror Magazine, in the UK as well as from two well known authors in the US.

    • Hi there! Thanks so much for your interest. Unfortunately I’m not a big fan of horror novels and therefore doubt the novel would be something I would enjoy. Buy thanks again for reaching out!

  11. Dr. Mike Mould

    Took a quick look at your book list and found it interestingly diverse. Noted at least one with a socially relevant sports theme (Friday Night Lights). I’d like to suggest another for your personal reading list and review. It’s NY Times and Pulitzer Prize winner John Crane’s “Boy on Ice; The Life and Death of Derek Boogaard.” A haunting chronicle of violence in sports and, in this case, its tragic outcome.

  12. jphern4

    Great article on Go Set A Watchman! Do you have a discussion panel for some of your mentioned books? As an English graduate, I’m dying to get the lit theory bug out of me. So much to talk about!!


  13. Eric Montgomery

    Hello Lara, I have copy of Breakfast at Tiffany’s Manuscript, VHS and sound CD with pictures collection. is this worth anything? look forward to your reply. Thank you.

  14. Hello. I found you on twitter and after reading your blog, realize you are swamped with books. I was hoping you would consider participating in a blog tour for my newest book. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I’ve included the information below.

    I am looking for a few bloggers who would like to take part in a blog tour for my newest book, The Chosen Path, which will be released on May 3rd. I only have 6 dates left (April 21,24,26,27 & 29, May 1) of the 16 day tour. Please email me at if you are interested.

    This is a YA book that follows the continued journey of my MC Thelonious as he continues to grow and find his place in the world. It is a stand alone book, but is the second part of my first one, To Die To Live. Thank you again for your help and consideration. I am truly grateful.

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