New Malcolm Gladwell Book Coming Soon

Bestselling nonfiction and analytical author Malcolm Gladwell has yet another book on the way. Gladwell, who has previously written The Tipping Point, Blink, and Outliers, is currently penning David and Goliath. No, he’s not suddenly getting all religious on us.

According to Entertainment Weekly, David and Goliath is partially based on an article entitled “How David Beat Goliath,” which Gladwell wrote for The New Yorker in 2009. It’s set for release in 2013. The book analyzes what it means to be an underdog, as Little, Brown explains in its press release.

David and Goliath is an exploration of what happens when underdogs confront the powerful. Why are we so often surprised when underdogs win? Do Goliaths make mistakes in spite of their strength—or because of it? David and Goliath looks at revolutionaries and dictators, the privileged and the poor, and misfits and straight arrows in an effort to figure out who really has the advantage in any kind of contest — and why.

I’ve only ever read one of Gladwell’s books — The Tipping Point. But his work is unbelievable and really makes you think. Will you be reading his new one?


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One response to “New Malcolm Gladwell Book Coming Soon

  1. I’ll definitely pick this book up. I have all of his other books, and they’re all fun reads (although I think that The Tipping Point is probably my favorite).

    The thing that I love about his books is simply the way they’re written. He takes a lot of deep topics, and explores and explains them in a way that anyone can understand regardless of how much background knowledge you have in the subject area.

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